PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/3/19 (Final Hurricane Dorian Prep, Early Park Closing, and More!)

Welcome to a crazy day here at the Magic Kingdom. We were prepared for the worst from Hurricane Dorian, but we’re very thankful things were pretty nice for most of the day.

Due to the impending hurricane, the Magic Kingdom closed at 3 PM today.

Touchpoints around the entrance have been wrapped with plastic.

Bright and early, the park was pretty empty with a slight drizzle of rain coming down.

The sign above Cheshire Cafe has been tied to the building. The restroom sign is also tied down and secured.

This looks like a scene from Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. The large sign above the entrance is anchored down with ropes.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is only at a 15 minute wait. This is a great start to the morning.

Enchanted Tales with Belle has an interesting rigging going on. That little tree in the back must be stronger than we think.

The royal ropes have been brought out and Cinderella’s Royal Table sign has been secured. This is a really an amazing rigging job. Everything around here looks so expertly done, we really appreciate the skill involved.

Pascal and his friends have helped zip tie the lanterns around the Tangled Restrooms.

Lots of ropes and zip ties on the lanterns around the park.

All these knots are so nicely done. It’s actually really impressive to study them.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe has made the wise decision to only stock one side of the toppings bar since the park is closing at 3 PM and not very crowded.

The signs outside of Tortuga Tavern have been tied down, and they have taken all the chairs and stored them away in the back room.

The spring roll cart in Adventureland was also not serving. To prepare for the hurricane, the glass food case has even been removed from the cart. Yes, it’s sunny in the background.

In some parts of the park, the ropes almost blend in with the scenery. We almost missed them in Adventureland.

The digital wait time boards at the Guest Experience Team locations have been moved indoors.

No FOMOsas today. Sunshine Tree Terrace was closed for the day.

We love being here.

Goofy is joining in on the hurricane party. He’s definitely having a good, good, good… good time! We noticed his hat is missing, too.

With the park closing at 3 PM, most people started to leave after the Festival of Fantasy parade.

All the stores shut their doors promptly at 3 PM to discourage guests from lingering in the park.

Well, we have no choice but to get out of here. Thanks for following us around the Magic Kingdom today. Until next time!


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