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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/5/19 (Hurricane Dorian Aftermath, Low Crowds, New Merchandise, ETC.)

It’s the day after Hurricane Dorian and everything is okay over at Magic Kingdom! After the early closing the day before as a precaution to get everything ready and allow Cast Members to get home and prepared and settled, Dorian ended up sparing Florida the worst of its wrath, and it was back to business as usual the next day.

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All of the umbrellas around the seating areas by The Plaza Restaurant and Casey’s Corner were all still closed up in anticipation of the storm.

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Despite selling out at the D23 Expo, this Jim Shore Hitchhiking Ghost figure is still available in Main Street Cinema on Main Street USA.

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I also stumbled across two new sets of Pandora charms in Uptown Jewelers. There are four new Little Mermaid themed charms, and two new Princess and the Frog themed charms. The little frog Naveen with the crown is my personal favorite from these new arrivals.

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This month’s Wishables set is Winnie the Pooh themed! Tigger is the open edition that comes outside of the blind bag, with Pooh, Rabbit, a Heffalump, and a Hunny Pot as your blind bag options. Personally, I really like the Heffalump.

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In Tomorrowland Terrace, all of the chairs and tables had been moved away from the edges of the terrace towards the center underneath the covering as hurricane preparation.

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At the Tron Lightcycle Run construction site, the giant pile of dirt has sat there for so long that its started to sprout plant growth.

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The visual progress on the construction slowed the past few days. In fact, its actually regressed a bit, with the installation and subsequent removal of a piece of show element.

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It was a slow day in Magic Kingdom today, which left Sonny Eclipse to play to an empty room at Cosmic Ray’s.

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All of the signs that had been tied down the day before for Hurricane prep had already been untied and put back to normal.

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Most of the wait times in the park remained really low today. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train had the highest wait in the park, posting 40 minutes, but I actually put that wait time to the test and walked through the queue to see how long it actually was, and ended up walking right onto the attraction, with no wait at all.

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The scrim is still down off the fence around the Liberty Square Market, and it appears that the construction site experienced a little bit of flooding.

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On this slower day at the park, some of the cast members were having a little bit of extra fun outside of Pecos Bill with this fun ring toss cactus game, and the stick horses are ready for a race as well.

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The camel in adventureland is still stuck facing one direction and not moving, but it does appear that his head has been turned in the opposite direction.

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While everyone else is getting all excited about it being Halloween season, I’m just over here counting down the days to the REAL most wonderful time of the year, Christmas. Every time I see this countdown in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, it makes me so happy and excited and ready for the joy of the season.

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The pathway project by Cinderella Castle is coming to a close. It’s looking like one of the last steps is going to be to finish off that landscaping by the new pathway, and then refill the moat. A decent amount of murky water has made its way back in today, but most likely its just from all of the rain that we’ve gotten lately.

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The Magic Kingdom ducks really thrive in the rainy weather.

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As I was leaving Magic Kingdom, I caught them putting the scrim back on the construction around the entrance area enhancement project. It was fun getting a peek inside at all of the construction with the removal of the scrims, but expect to see them all reinstalled very soon now that Dorian as passed.

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That’s all for my day around Magic Kingdom! Keep checking WDWNT for all the latest updates!