PHOTOS: Automated PhotoPass Cameras Installed in Royal Sommerhus at Norway in Epcot


The bane of photographers everywhere, the automated PhotoPass cameras have now invaded Royal Sommerhus, the home of the Anna and Elsa meet and greet in the Norway pavilion at Epcot.


These boxes are at least somewhat well-themed, but do stick out from the wall. Unlike the cameras installed in Town Square Theater for the Mickey and Minnie meet and greet, these boxes have only one camera located rather low, which means that adults wanting an automated photo with the Queen of Arendelle are going to get a picture with quite an awkward perspective.


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Also unlike the camera boxes in Town Square Theater and the ones at Star Wars Launch Bay, these appear to have a pane of glass in front of the camera lens. While this will likely keep the camera safe, it will also be prone to collecting dirt and fingerprints and will need to be cleaned frequently to ensure quality photos. In other locations, the camera lens is physically set back from the front of the box to discourage errant appendages from coming in contact.


As with the other locations, there is another box containing a screen where you touch your MagicBand to link your photos to your account. Because the cameras are not yet operational, the screen-containing box is also not operational.


If there can be a bright side to this story, it’s that we found this cute hidden panda on the wood in the queue. It might be a bit hard to see, but once you see it you can’t un-see it!

  1. This is getting out of hand, I know the robort overlord loves replacing people with machines but the personal experience is just disappearing!

    1. yep. and this guarantees i will no longer purchase memory maker moving forward if this trend continues.

  2. Elsa is my husband’s favorite. And he’s 6’2. So I think this pretty much seals the deal that we won’t be meeting with them. Which kind of sucks, because I did want an awesome picture! Even though I haven’t had an encounter with these boxes yet, I don’t like the few pictures I have seen that were taken by them.

    1. Selfie? Bring a stand, set your phone on top of the stupid thing and set a timer? Just because you don’t have a perfect photo doesn’t negate the enjoyment of the experience. *I’m not in support of replacing photopass photographers. Just looking for a bright side*

      1. I appreciate the suggestion, but not going to buy a stand for my phone (which happens to be a iPhone 5S, so it’s not going to be the photo quality I’d prefer) for one photo. lol. It’ll still be an awesome trip! And we will still have photos taken at the non-character spots. It wasn’t a must-do by any means, just wanted some cute photos. =oP

      2. and if everyone starts doing that, the lines, which are already ridiculous, get even longer waiting for everyone to set everything up. just keep the human photographers, the photos are faster and so much better.

      3. Disney will not allow stands or selfie sticks in the park… unless they have changed the rule with addition of the cameras.

  3. I’m not as sure as you are that it’s a hidden panda. I see the same marks you’re seeing, particularly the three circular marks that seem to make two eyes and a nose, but the head is incomplete and not lined up properly with the rest of the body. However, if you focus on just the lower half of his supposed “head,” it could also be interpreted as horns on a viking helmet, or perhaps even horns on a troll, either of which would be a more fitting Easter egg in this pavilion. The markings immediately to the right even look like they could possibly be a walking stick or staff of some kind being held in one hand.

  4. I’m extremely disappointed that Disney is continuing with the automated cameras. I have a beautiful picture of Mickey at Magic Kingdom and my young son for his 5th birthday. The photographer captured my son’s face as Mickey was hugging him on his birthday. It was such a special moment that could have never been truly captured by an automated camera.

  5. In July, we met Chewbacca 2X. Once with a photographer who captured the best pic of DD dressed a Rey with Chewie (her favorite). Nxt time was that box – not one good picture! Was very upset. Then later in the trip, meet Tink with the box. Only one good picture.

    Lets keep taking away – photographers, live entertainers, etc. BUT lets keep raising the price. Not a smart move on their part.

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