PHOTOS: New Epcot Experience Center Logo Mural Gets Repainted, Additional Designs Added to The Odyssey Pavilion Facade at Epcot

Hello again from Epcot! We stopped by today to check up on The Odyssey Pavilion and the progress being made on its exterior.

Let’s take a closer look.

In our last Odyssey update, we looked at the logo mural being painted on the side of the building near Test Track. You can see what this looked like in the picture above or by reading about it here. Notice how the logo wend up to the very edge of the wall, with the design stopping at the corner.

Now if you look at the painted logo, it is completely different, as it’s been shifted over to the right some. The entire logo was repainted, having it wrap around the corner and letting it take up the rest of the wall next to the doors.

This change was so recent that they still have the adorable Stitch themed wet paint signs up!

If we zoom back out, you can see some colorful chevrons have been added on the front of the facade, by one of the planters.

Overall, it appears that the building has taken on a white and grey color scheme.

Heading back towards the Fountain of Nations and Mouse Gear, there was one more change that we noticed. They have added another set of blue and white chevrons to the walls alongside the walkway going towards The Odyssey and Test Track.

Here is a close up look at the chevron design…

Stay tuned for more updates on the Odyssey Pavilion. We can’t wait to see what the finished product will be on the inside once it fully transforms into the Epcot Experience Center.