Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Pin Trading Night 2019

PHOTOS: Even More October Pin Releases, 30th Anniversary Little Mermaid Pin Trading Night Coming to Walt Disney World

Recently, we previewed the October pins of the month for Walt Disney World and and Disneyland. Now it appears that most of the pins that seemed to be exclusive to Disneyland are also coming to Walt Disney World!

Walt Disney World 2019 October Pins

While most of the offerings are identical, there are a few differences. Since Walt Disney World doesn’t participate in the annual Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay, The Haunted Mansion Holiday 10 piece Mystery set is being replaced by a Mickey’s Christmas Carol 12 piece Mystery Puzzle set. Also, the Defend The Galaxy: Tie Fighter Jumbo Pin is replaced by the At-At Jumbo Pin. Noticeably missing from the Walt Disney World set is the “Fine and Dandy Fall 2019” pin, featuring Mickey and Pluto.

30th Anniversary The Little Mermaid Pin Trading Night

On Thursday Nov. 7th, Disney’s Coronado Springs resort will be hosting a Pin Trading Night featuring pins commemorating the 30th Anniversary of The Little Mermaid.

30th Anniversary Little Mermaid pins

The star of the show is sure to be the Ariel and Prince Eric framed Jumbo Pin.

30th Anniversary Little Mermaid Giant $125 pin

This lithograph sized pin is priced at $125 with only 500 units available. Don’t worry if that sounds too steep for your budget, most of the pins are priced at $17.99 (including the Annual Passholder Exclusive Ariel With Prince Eric Statue Pin). There will also be two pins exclusive to this event, one featuring Beauty and The Beast and the other featuring The Great Mouse Detective.

Beauty and the Beast and Great Mouse Detective exclusive event pins

Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Pin Trading Night 2019

The event will run from 5pm-9pm in Coronado Ballroom-H at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Reservations are $15 per person, and include:

  • Opportunity to Trade in an enclosed trading space.
  • One (1) edible treat.
  • Preview of upcoming pin releases
  • First opportunity to pre-purchase select pins via the Random Selection Process

The deadline to register for the Random Selection Process is October 9th.

So how excited are you for these new pins? Which one is your favorite? Do you think $125 is too much for one, albeit giant, pin? Let us know!

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11 months ago

love he article with such thorough information. You go Jessica Harris

11 months ago

Are some of those, Little Mermaid pins leftovers from the D23 Expo? They look familiar.