PHOTOS: “it’s a small world” Danielle Nicole Bag Arrives at Disney Springs

Say “hello” to a new Danielle Nicole bag! Or, better yet, learn to say “good bye” with the new “it’s a small world” inspired tote bag! We were visiting TrenD at Disney Springs today when this beautiful bag caught our eye.

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The bag features several signs from the end of the classic attraction. Ciao, Au Revoir, Farvel, and more can be found across the front of the bag.

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The bag has a faux leather type of look to it, and the back side of the bag is solid black.

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The tote features a snap to close it, and a zippered pocket inside. The lining is black with the “DN” logo inside.

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The new bag is $84 and would be perfect to hold all your park essentials. Say “Farewell” to your money! Will you be adding this new bag to your collection?

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