PHOTOS: Mission: Space Race Reopens With Fewer Computer Bays After Refurbishment at Mission: Space in Epcot

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Back in August, we discovered that Mission: Space Race was under a mysterious refurbishment. At the time, we blamed the Martians, and I think it’s safe to say they were interested in how the game stations worked, because when it reopened recently, there are fewer ways to play.

The interactive play area down below used to have three rows of computers set up for guests to help either Team Triton or Team Orion win the space race by aiding them with different colored crystals to repair their ship. Now, with only one row remaining, only eight guests can help their team get to victory.

The computers remain exactly the same in design, but hopefully with updates to the wiring and coding, as sometimes the buttons weren’t responsive to the game play. This sometimes ended up costing your team to lose the race.

Although this attraction hasn’t seen as much interaction as it has in previous years, losing sixteen computers isn’t really that disappointing. With this refurbishment comes the added space and seating options. Many guests enjoy the exit of the Mission: Space attraction simply for the dark and air conditioning as they wait for their brave astronauts to return to Earth.

Are you upset that not maybe all of your space cadets are able to take part in this part of the Advanced Training Lab? Or are you grateful for more seats and open areas for easier guest flow? Let us know in the comments below.

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