PHOTOS: New Haunted Mansion Attic and Seance Scene Dioramas Materialize at Disneyland Park

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If you want a little piece of the Haunted Mansion in your home this Halloween, you’re going to want the two new “Come Out and Socialize” dioramas.

The two different scene offerings are the attic and the seance circle.

The attic diorama is priced at $24.99, and includes 22 pieces. This set is recommended for 8 and up.

haunted mansion dioramas

It includes 3 walls, floor, five frames, string, and two strong clips. Most importantly, you are also given fun spooky pieces like the bride, wedding cake, bird cage, and much more.

haunted mansion diorama

This is what a set-up version of the attic diorama looks like.

The second diorama is the seance circle scene. This set is also priced at $24.99 and recommended for ages 8 and up.

haunted mansion diorama

This set contains 32 pieces. It includes 3 walls, floor, five frames, string, and two strong clips just like the attic diorama. Some of the unique pieces found in this box are Madame Leota in a crystal ball, rug, and chair with raven.

haunted mansion diorama

This is the seance room put together.

Stop by the New Orleans Square Haunted Mansion Shop to pick up your own today!

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Melissa W.
Melissa W.

I hope these end up in WDW or online soon, because…I love me some dioramas.