PHOTOS: New “Maximum Profit” and “Ranking” System Updates Added to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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It’s kind of like a report card, but for space pirates… and stealing coaxium.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is currently the only ride at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (on either coast) and thanks to its incredible re-rideability factor and the fact that wait times have remained generally low for the attractions (be it due to low crowds or efficient loading is a whole other debate) many fans have taken to riding repeatedly and trying to outdo themselves with each flight.

Unless I’m right pilot, I typically enjoy just observing others in the ride, especially if they seem like first-timers, but I know I’m in the minority here. If you’re in the former group that is always striving for a better score, or the ideal 100% accuracy screen at the end of your adventure, it seems a recent software update has implemented a new “Maximum Profit” score sheet, as well as a “Ranking” system for travelers.

Normally, this is the screen we’re presented with at the end of the flight, with the option to toggle through different score sheets depending on your position as Pilot, Engineer, or Gunner.

The score sheet for Engineer.
The score sheet for Gunner.

Now, final scores are juxtaposed alongside a “Maximum Profit”. The joke here is, of course, that even a perfect score with maximum earnings will still render less than 13,000 galactic credits, because Hondo’s always going to take his share.

Other Travelers to Batuu who’ve taken a spin aboard the Falcon to pick up some coaxium have also reported in with an additional “Ranking” system, giving riders a rank of “Pirate”, “Hot Shot”, “Marauder”, “Scoundrel”, or others.

Image Credit: @anaiismlopez on Twitter

We’re still trying to compile all of the ranks, as this is still a budding new ride element. If you make it back from your ride aboard the hunk of junk, please share your scores and rankings with us!

It’s possible the upgrade isn’t installed on all of the pods or cockpits within the attraction yet, which, if true, means that different software can run in different pods, so we could have multiple different missions running simultaneously in the future, with expanded possibilities, like being able to potentially request which mission you want. Alternatively, these additional “Maximum Profit” and “Ranking” system notes may only display in some circumstances, like if the majority of the flight crew has played before, has the Star Wars Datapad app linked, or if a certain number of accomplishments are unlocked, like securing a second container of coaxium.

It’s worth noting that they’ve made a quality of life upgrade to software this quick after opening, which is impressive and shows that they want to keep the ride as current and popular as possible. After all, as Hondo would say, time is credits.

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I was just at Disneyland two weeks ago and I got the Marauder title/achievement in the Disney Play app . The description says to get it, you need to score between 6000-7000 (I think) on smuggler’s run. All the titles available are listed in the profile area of the app. Now if only they could explain why I don’t always get rewarded for each mission…

Don blaka
Don blaka

Excellent! They are making improvements to Galaxy’s Edge! Now all we need are the Roaming Alien characters and Roaming Droids and than the land will be a REAL success!

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

I’ve ridden this thing 7 times, and I have no earthly clue what is considered “successful” on the ride’s scoring system. It seems the best you can do is like 11000 and 40 percent completed, which both sound and feel like you failed completely. Might as well just adopt the whose line scoring system.


Got “Master Pirate” yesterday as pilots.
10,900 out of 13,000!