PHOTOS: New Pathway Reveals Belle’s Village and Other Expansion Areas at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New Pathway Reveals Belle’s Village and Other Expansion Areas at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New Pathway Reveals Belle’s Village and Other Expansion Areas at Tokyo Disneyland

It was only a couple of weeks ago at D23 that we saw a model of the new Tokyo Disneyland expansion coming next year. Now, a new pathway that even goes through parts of Belle’s village has been opened! Let’s explore what we can see now, open to Guests!

TDL BoTBPath09 1

This is the path that has been open through the whole expansion so far. This path connects Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, and features the famous Blue Wall. Judging by the change to the park map, this area is likely to be blocked off tomorrow.

TDL BoTBPath09 2

This area has been behind planters for a few weeks now. On the other side is a newly-reopened popcorn cart.

TDL BoTBPath09 3

This new path spits out right by the Tomorrowland Hall lottery building and Space Mountain.

TDL BoTBPath09 4

The pathway seems pretty inconspicuous so far. It passes right by The Happy Ride with Baymax on the left.

TDL BoTBPath09 5

Now, this area feels like Fantasyland! I already love these lightposts and the tree coverings.

TDL BoTBPath09 6

From this area, we can get a closer look at the Fantasyland Theater. I wonder what kind of show will go here?

TDL BoTBPath09 7

TDL BoTBPath09 8

Here, we can see a currently-covered signpost, and the Beast’s Castle for the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction in the background. It definitely looks like the structure is coming along well!

TDL BoTBPath09 9

TDL BoTBPath09 10

Here’s a more zoomed-in version of the Castle under construction. Are you excited as I am?

TDL BoTBPath09 11

TDL BoTBPath09 12

TDL BoTBPath09 13

TDL BoTBPath09 15

Here we can see parts of the Belle’s village facade that are already complete! I even saw some Cast Members roaming this area with faces of awe!

TDL BoTBPath09 14

I think this might be La Taverne de Gaston? There are antlers in all of his decorating, after all!

TDL BoTBPath09 16

Not all of the village is visible, however. That actually makes me happy, because I still want to be surprised next spring!

TDL BoTBPath09 17

I have a theory that this will be a fountain. Maybe similar to the Gaston fountain at the Magic Kingdom?

TDL BoTBPath09 18

TDL BoTBPath09 20

Over here we can see Maurice’s cottage (which will be a FastPass area for Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast). This looks like it’s getting completed very quickly!

TDL BoTBPath09 21

Again, not all of the village is open or visible. I think past this area will be facade work to hide the building for La Taverne de Gaston.

TDL BoTBPath09 22

TDL BoTBPath09 23

Also revealed today was the new Toontown sign to replace the wall-mounted version and the old huge canopy. Makes for a nice photo op! I already saw several guests taking pictures in front of it!

Wow, it’s incredible to see a sneak peek at what’s coming soon! I wonder if this will be closed off again later, or if this will stay open! Will you be visiting during construction? How about after it opens? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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