PHOTOS: Construction Continues on Epcot Entrance Enhancements (New Concrete Poured, Lamp Post Placement, and More!)


PHOTOS: Construction Continues on Epcot Entrance Enhancements (New Concrete Poured, Lamp Post Placement, and More!)

Big changes are happening at the front of Epcot. Inside the park, as well out just outside the gates, work is underway to improve the overall entrance experience for guests. Let’s see what’s changed since our last update.

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 2

Currently, no matter from which direction you enter the park, you’re confronted with construction fences. You’ll notice these if you walk or take the tram in from the parking lot.

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 3

The majority of the work is happening under and around the monorail station. This area used to be the tram pick-up and drop-off area. That looks like it’s being moved.

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 11

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 10

They’re doing a lot of work closer to the bus loops as well (you can see the bus shelters in the background here). My guess is they’re expanding the walkable area over here as guests come over from the buses.

EpcotTram8 19 19 2

This concrete wall is for the new tram turnaround. It’s a stone’s throw from the old tram drop-off area, outside of the shadow of the monorail station.

EpcotTram8 19 19 3

EpcotTram8 19 19 4

Traffic posts have been installed just on the other side. It’s possible this is one of the pick-up or drop-off areas.

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 4

This is the first block of new concrete! Exciting! The placement of this is telling me this area will probably be the (or one of the) new security checkpoints.

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 8

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 5

You can see they’re building a new wall on the far end of the monorail station exit platform.

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 12

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 13

They’ve slightly moved some of these construction walls, also, giving us a view of the ceiling of the first floor of the station.

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 1

Looks like it’s being rewired, probably for all-new lighting.

EpcotEntrance8 30 19 7

They’ve wired some bases for lamp posts just underneath the station.

EpcotTram8 19 19 5

You can see some finished lamp post bases on the other side as well.

EpcotTram8 19 19 6

Whatever their ultimate plans are for the new tram and security area, I think we can expect a lot more open and walkable area, similar to the new Hollywood Studios entrance. With all the new additions and changes coming to inside the park, a smoother entry experience will definitely help ease stress on your average guest. We’ll keep you in the loop on this project as it evolves!

5 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Construction Continues on Epcot Entrance Enhancements (New Concrete Poured, Lamp Post Placement, and More!)”

  1. I sure hope this means you won’t be double screened anymore when coming from the monorail into EPCOT. If they screen you before entering the TTC, and they already screen before getting on the monorail at each of the resorts, one would think you’d be secure enough not to have to go through bag check again when entering EPCOT! One bag check at the resort is good enough for the MK!

  2. Does anyone know if the new entrance will mean that you don’t have to go through security twice when arriving by monorail?

  3. We were told, last week, that the new changes would allow direct access to the EPCOT entrance from the monorail. Currently, you have to go through security at TTC to get on the monorail, then go through security again to get into the Park.

    • Teri, this is what it appeared to us. We were there on Labor day and it seems that the security stations are being pushed out further from the ticket booths. This appears that it is going to allow just as you say. The Monorail exit will be behind the security checkpoints. It also looks like they are moving where the Trams drop off at as well.

      • If you are talking about where they are moving trams is for the TTC or Epcot’s main entrance? I also have to tell that there will be two tram loops. I know they seem there will be only one tram loop at Epcot but that pictured under construction tram loop is going to only serve Discover and Create lots resulting in construction of another Epcot tram loop that will serve the Imagine, Explore, and Wonder lots. Journey and Amaze may no longer be as tram accessible as the Imagine, Discover, Explore, Create, and Wonder lots are going to be based on how the new Epcot tram loops will be structured. As for the TTC, I don’t know what they will do to the tram loops but I noticed that there was a foundation in place for the undercover tram station.

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