PHOTOS: Work Continues on Epcot Entrance Enhancements – Construction Update 8/10/19


PHOTOS: Work Continues on Epcot Entrance Enhancements – Construction Update 8/10/19


PHOTOS: Work Continues on Epcot Entrance Enhancements – Construction Update 8/10/19

Work is currently underway to enhance the guest experience at all four Walt Disney World parks. Some, like Hollywood Studios, are basically finished. Epcot, however, still has a ways to go. Let’s see how the project is coming along since our last update.

TramEpcot8 8 19 22

If you’re coming from the parking lot, walls still greet you at the edge of the Amaze and Journey lots. The tram won’t take you any closer to the park currently, so you’re usually better off just walking.

TramEpcot8 8 19 21

TramEpcot8 8 19 19

The walls enclose almost the entirety of the land below the monorail station.

TramEpcot8 8 19 18

If you remember, the tram used to drop off under the monorail station. It’s still blocked off now as they continue to reimagine the area.

TramEpcot8 8 19 1

They’ve been doing a lot of excavation under the station, burying new pipes and electrical lines.

TramEpcot8 8 19 2

If you look back out towards the parking lot, you can see the new tram turn-around. The concrete on the barrier appears to be finished.

TramEpcot8 8 19 3

TramEpcot8 8 19 4

They have some new concrete forms over to the side, as well as some pipes in the ground. A new drop-off or pick-up area, perhaps?

TramEpcot8 8 19 5

The other side of the station is still just dirt at the moment.

TramEpcot8 8 19 6

They still have a pile of old pavement that they haven’t cleared out yet.

TramEpcot8 8 19 7

There are still some pipes staged over here as well.

TramEpcot8 8 19 8

This area near the old tram drop-off seems to have been leveled out a bit. It looks like they’re finished with the digging here for now.

TramEpcot8 8 19 9

TramEpcot8 8 19 12

TramEpcot8 8 19 11

Well, almost…

TramEpcot8 8 19 13

Excavation, however, has commenced further down.

TramEpcot8 8 19 10

TramEpcot8 8 19 14

TramEpcot8 8 19 15

It looks like these trees are being preserved for the new layout.

TramEpcot8 8 19 16

TramEpcot8 8 19 17

They no longer have materials staged over closer to the bus loops. Excavation has begun in this area now for whatever the plans might be.

Whatever their mysterious plans are for the park entrance, it looks like it should be a big improvement over the old design. With larger crowds than ever and more strict security concerns, the old layout just couldn’t cut it anymore.

We’ll keep you updated as the project continues. Maybe we’ll hear some details about it at the D23 Convention later this month? One can only hope!

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  1. Now that the Discover and Create tram loop is in progress is there any kind of progress to the Imagine, Explore, and Wonder tram loop?

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