PHOTOS: Work Continues on Epcot Tram Loop Arrival Experience Enhancements – Construction Update 7/27/19

The old tram drop-off at the entrance of Epcot has been getting a makeover, and we decided to check in on the progress since our last visit. This is part of the new entrance enhancements currently taking place at several of the parks. During the construction, the trams from the parking lot do not bring you very close to the entrance, so you’ll have to walk a little. As you approach the entrance, you can see walls around the construction, but if you hop on the monorail, you can get some good views of what’s going on!

We can see a few bundles of rebar framework in different shapes and sizes.

Some wooden frames are stacked up along one side of the old tram loop.

Closer to the entrance, we can see a lot of rebar framework in a curved shape. It’s really starting to take shape and build up in this area. It’s changed a lot in just a short amount of time!

The rebar framework is partially enclosed. We can see wooden beams supporting the inside of the framework on both ends.

We can see some broken remains from the old ground.

The ground has been cleared in this area.

There are several areas, that appear to be for electrical work, marked off with red “Danger” tape and yellow “Caution” tape. We also spotted what looks like caution tape around the trunks of a few trees. Hopefully, they won’t be removing them.

We can even see the old Epcot sign. It’s likely they’ll need to change those arrows around before the tram loop and entrance work finishes.

Epcot is making a whole lot of changes, and this is just one of them. Even if it is slightly inconvenient now to be dropped off so far away from the entrance, we’re really excited to see all the changes coming to Epcot!

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Charles Ramsey
Charles Ramsey
1 year ago

I have been in the construction business for 18 years and love watching what is going on at WDW. The trees are to thick as they were planted back when Epcot was built or shortly after. I am sure the trees removed will be replanted somewhere. The red tape is really for electric trenches and yellow is just caution tape and most generally when it is as it is on top of the ground it make caution for walkers of the crew and a location of the risers for power. It really does excite me seeing dirt moved and concrete… Read more »

Bradley D Monroe
Bradley D Monroe
1 year ago

I looked at the tram loop turnaround area and it shows that this is only for the trams that serve the Discover, Create lots. There could be another tram turnaround for the tram loop that is for the trams serving the Imagine, Explore, and Wonder lots. It maybe possible that the Imagine, Explore, and Wonder lots will become the World Showcase themed parking lot and the Discover, Create, Journey, and Amaze lots to become the Future World themed parking lots. The question is will there be a second Epcot tram turnaround area (Talking about constructing the tram loop that serves… Read more »