PHOTOS: Epcot Tram Loop Construction Update 7/12/19


PHOTOS: Epcot Tram Loop Construction Update 7/12/19


PHOTOS: Epcot Tram Loop Construction Update 7/12/19

Big changes are under way at the entrance to Epcot. Not only on the inside of the turnstiles, but also just outside where the tram brings guests in from the parking lot. Demolition began back in May on the old tram drop-off area and loop in order to reconfigure it into a more efficient and guest friendly experience. Let’s see how the project is going since our last update.

tramloop7 12 19 5

A lot of dirt moving work has been underway in what used to be the tram drop-off and pick-up area. It looks to me like this area is going to be completely re-purposed, as they’ve been laying a lot of concrete and what looks to be electrical pipe.

tramloop7 12 19 7

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tramloop7 12 19 9

They still have a few of the large concrete pipes staged just to the side behind the trees. You can also see they’ve been doing some electrical work where those metal pipes are sticking out of the ground.

tramloop7 12 19 11

You can see what appears to be a new tram-turnaround barrier being placed just on the other side of the Monorail station.

tramloop7 12 19 2

tramloop7 12 19 3

If this is the turnaround for the parking lot trams, that would put the drop-off and pick-up a bit further back from the entrance of the park than the original were.

tramloop7 12 19 4

The other side of the Monorail station is still just a lot of dirt.

tramloop7 12 19 12

Down the exit ramp from the Monorail station, they have a plethora of materials still staged. Whatever they’re planning on doing over here it looks like it requires a lot of electrical work.

tramloop7 12 19 1

tramloop7 12 19 13

From the Monorail you can see how big of an area this project is taking up.


Hopefully this newly remodeled tram area will make it easier for guests entering the park. I’m sure they’re also concerned about keeping the security-check areas running smoothly as well. If the new tram loop at Hollywood Studios is the new standard for Disney Parks, then we can expect Epcot’s to have a nice amount of open space and plenty of bag-check tables. Here’s hoping! We’ll keep you updated at this project continues!

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  1. I’m looking forward to this. Epcot was the worst park trying to get into on the last trip in Dec. taking about 20 minutes once we got to the bag check because there was only about 5-6 check lanes and even less metal detectors.

  2. The new tram turnaround may only be in the new tram route for Discover parking areas. Will there be another tram turnaround that would indicate a new tram route for the Wonder parking areas?

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