PHOTOS: Epcot Entrance and Tram Loop Overhaul Project Rages On – 6/12/19 Construction Update


PHOTOS: Epcot Entrance and Tram Loop Overhaul Project Rages On – 6/12/19 Construction Update

Big changes are underway at the entrance of Epcot. Some of the plans have been announced, while others are still quite vague. Every park is getting adjustments to improve the guest experience as they enter, and Epcot’s not exception. Let’s see how this project is coming since our last update.

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They’ve made a pretty big mess of the old tram loop.

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Guests used to load and unload from the parking lot trams at this location. What their plans are for the area are unclear as of now, but I’d assume changes are going to be made.

epcotentrance6 10 19 1

The rain over the last few nights hasn’t made their job any easier. There are lots of pipes staged here for installation. Too bad they can’t help drain the puddles.

epcotentrance6 10 19 2

epcotentrance6 10 19 3

This is near the path that the trams would take towards the parking lot. They’ve got a trough ready for something.

epcotentrance6 10 19 1

Not a lot of change on the other side of the monorail station (other than the small lake).

epcotentrance6 10 19 4

They’re using the space closest to the bus loop to stage equipment and materials for the project. There’s a lot of concrete to be buried, it looks like.

epcotentrance6 10 19 6

If anyone has any insight on the specifics of any of these materials, feel free to let me know. Alas, I am no contractor.

epcotentrance6 10 19 5

Hopefully whatever they’re doing, it simplifies entry to the park. Epcot’s entrance feels like a maze of security checkpoints and one-way gates currently, and honestly, anything would be better at this point.

Are you looking forward to the new entrance experience? We’ll keep you updated on this and all current construction projects at Epcot.

9 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Epcot Entrance and Tram Loop Overhaul Project Rages On – 6/12/19 Construction Update”

  1. The long pieces of pipe lying on the ground look like PVC electrical conduit used to bury and protect underground electrical wiring. The other items are harder to identify. They are on the pallets and have very good protective packaging to prevent damage, so they are most likely items that will very visible to guests when they are complete and in place. They look like they are bollards maybe with lighting that will be used to light walkways and separate pedestrians from vehicle traffic.

  2. Hopefully they figure out a path to the skyliner outside of the park, for people looking to get to the Monorail from the Skyliner and vice versa without needing a ticket to get inside Epcot itself.

  3. We had taken the monorail from Epcot to Magic Kingdom, and when we returned to Epcot found that we had to go through security to get to the parking lot. And they were wanding everybody instead of using the metal detectors. So strange considering when we arrived they had us leave keys and phones in our pockets when we did walk through the detectors. 😆

    • “The only difference between toward and towards is the s. Both spellings are correct, and they mean the same thing: in the direction of. Toward is the preferred spelling in the United States and Canada. In other English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, towards is the more common spelling.”

  4. I have no doubt it will be beautiful when finished and worth the inconvenience for several months.

  5. The concrete boxes with holes are part of the drainage system. Got to move that rain water some way.

  6. The tram rerouting may involve parking lot renaming as well. This maybe similar to the Heroes and Villains theme except at Epcot the West lot would be theme for World Showcase and the East lot for Future World. When the project is finished there will be two tram load/unload zones for these different lots. This also calls for parking expansion in addition to the changes to the Main Entrance. Meanwhile the transportation and ticket center could go to back to having the tram load and unload areas be like what it they were 2017 except they would have a concrete side walk instead of asphalt and they would unveil canopies which make the tram areas undercover after the revamp is finished.

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