PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/27/19 (New Pet Spirit Jersey, Lots of Rain, Character Sightings, and More!)

Welcome to another rainy day here at the Magic Kingdom. The sky is gray, the rain is drizzling, and we’ve got our rain gear on. Grab your ponchos, and let’s make a splash! The first thing we see is the construction work at the entrance. The old bag check has been demolished.

When we enter the park, we decided today was the perfect day for visiting the Haunted Mansion. The weather goes with the themeing today. Even a random bird has joined the bat on the weather vane.

The Haunted Mansion on a rainy day

The Haunted Mansion Bat Weather Vane

Spotted two eligible sisters on the carousel.

cinderella's step sister riding the carousel

Another favorite, Sonny Eclipse, has returned to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. We took a little time to appreciate his beautiful music.

Sonny Eclipse

The rain has been steady. We saw a lot of people buying ponchos throughout the day.

Tomorrowland in the rain

Space Mountain has been going down throughout the day.

Space Mountain Rainy Day

That’s the best time to hop on the PeopleMover for a little lights on view of Space Mountain.

Space Mountain Lights On View from the PeopleMover

People have been huddled in doorways and under awnings around the park.

Tomorrowland Speedway Rainy Day

Who doesn’t love a good view of the TRON Coaster Construction, right? You can find even more photos in our latest TRON update.

Tron Construction 7-25-19

Rain, rain, go away.

Tomorrowland Walkway

We found the new Lion King Dooney and Bourke bags available at Uptown Jewelers at the Magic Kingdom.

The Lion King Dooney Bags at Magic Kingdom

At the Emporium, we spotted a cute new pet Spirit Jersey for $34.99.

Pet Spirit Jersey Walt Disney World Pink and White tie dye

Yet another way to match with your furry friends! This pink and white tie-dye print is super cute, and also available in adult sizes.

walt disney world pink and white pet spirit jersey

pet spirit jersey pink and white walt disney world

The rain has finally stopped for now.

Main Street USA in the rain

We’re thoroughly soaked, so that’s it for now. Thanks for braving the rain with us today. Stay tuned for more updates from!