PHOTOS: Structural Framework Installation Underway for TRON Roller Coaster at the Magic Kingdom

Welcome! During our last Tron Roller Coaster construction update, the track that is now in place was still being installed. Other supports and framework had just started getting staged. Now we’ve spotted huge advancements in the framework, stretching past even the tallest point of track! Let’s take a look at all the latest changes to the site.

As you can see, the new framework is tall. It is even taller than the brake run at the highest point of the track. Do note that only the inside track is up so far, as the coaster is only semi-enclosed and takes riders inside and outside the attraction’s building.

To the bottom right of this picture, you can see vast foundation being installed. This will make up the structural foundation of the attraction’s show building canopy.

Here’s a better picture of both the foundation and the framework. The framework spans almost the entire right side of the track. From this angle, you can also see the new safety railings that were installed along the brake run. This will likely assist with evacuation procedures once the ride is open.

As you can see, the rest of the track and construction site remains mostly untouched for now.

There is some general construction equipment sitting around the open area closest to the park, as well as some large piping.

Earlier in the morning, we spotted some cherry pickers putting the finishing touches on one of the new support beams for the framework. For a better idea of the scope and size of the attraction, plus the final track layout, check out our video of the attraction from Shanghai Disneyland:

It seems each day this project has something new installed; things are moving extremely quickly. It’s fascinating watching all of this come together! We’ll keep you updated on further updates to the up and coming coaster.

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