PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/6/ 19 (Designer Dolls, Construction and Tomorrowland Updates)


PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/6/ 19 (Designer Dolls, Construction and Tomorrowland Updates)


PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/6/ 19 (Designer Dolls, Construction and Tomorrowland Updates)

It’s a beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom! Come with me and we’ll se what’s new.

Main Street, U.S.A.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 2

A great way to start your day in the park is to take a ride on one of the Main Street Vehicles. I opted for the fire engine today, it’s one of my favorites.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 3

You get some interesting views of Main Street and you get the honor of everyone getting out of your way in the middle of the street for once.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 12
Youth Hat ($21.99)

When I’m done with the ride, I tend to double back and check out the Emporium to see what’s new. Today I found this fun Buzz Lightyear youth baseball hat.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 13
Youth Hat ($21.99)

MagicKingdom6 28 19 14

Speaking of Toy Story, they still have these cute themed candy apples and such in the Confectionary. I like the green alien, personally.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 11
Adult Shirt ($24.99)

Another major film this summer, other than Toy Story 4, is of course the remake of The Lion King. You can rock this new Scar shirt to the theater if you wanted to.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 16

Something odd has taken over the Main Street Cinema today:

MagicKingdom6 28 19 15

These dolls by Linda Rick. I’ve seen her stuff showcased at Epcot and Disney Springs before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in Magic Kingdom. There are quite a lot of options to choose from.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 17

I don’t know if I can say it’s my style. I don’t quite get the appeal.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 18

This is a bit more my style: an original painting of the Liberty Belle! At $2,300 however, I think I’m going to pass on it.


MagicKingdom6 28 192

I can just enjoy the actual view.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 6

While in Frontierland it’s worth checking out the newly refurbished Miner’s Cove (the former smoking section near Big Thunder). They added umbrellas and picnic tables to the area. It’s a nice quiet spot.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 7

The new dock wood has been stained to look old, and honestly if I didn’t know it was new, I wouldn’t be able to tell. Well done!

MagicKingdom6 28 19 5

I noticed today that in the Frontier Trading Post they had the Play Disney App acheivement pins for sale right out in the open. You used to have to show your progress in the app to a cast member to “unlock” the ability to purchase the pin. I guess the app isn’t doing the numbers they were hoping. (It could also have been a stocking mistake.)

MagicKingdom6 28 195

Just down the street they have a great display in the Prairie Outpost and Supply of all the different “Goofy Candy Co” flavors and designs.

MagicKingdom6 28 194

The mason jars add a bit of authenticity to it, and help guests identify what candy is which.

MagicKingdom6 28 193

The current packages are kind of hard to decipher sometimes.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 1

A little progress on the Castle Pathway project: some steel framing has been put up for the new facade to be affixed to.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 4

I’m hoping they go with brick like the old facade.


MagicKingdom6 28 19 22

Not a ton of noticeable change at Tron.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 1

MagicKingdom6 28 19 2

New steel framing is going up at the base of the tracks (for the show building maybe?) and lots of new foundations are being laid out.

MagicKingdom6 28 19 3

MagicKingdom6 28 19 9

Also in Tomorrowland, at Cosmic Ray’s, the new water bottle filling fountains are up and running!

MagicKingdom6 28 19 8

MagicKingdom6 28 19 10

Sonny Eclipse is still M.I.A. unfortunately. Come back soon, Sonny!

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