PHOTOS: New International Gateway Entrance Opens at Epcot

The remodeled entrance to Epcot at International Gateway has reopened after a long period of construction. Located by the station for the soon to open Disney Skyliner, this entrance features and expanded security and touch point entrance area.

Let’s take a look at the new entrance!

New International Gateway Entrance2 New International Gateway Entrance3

Walking in you can see that all the construction fences that had been in the area are finally down!

New International Gateway Entrance1 New International Gateway Entrance4

Construction fences are still up blocking the Epcot entrance to the Disney Skyliner.

New International Gateway Entrance5 New International Gateway Entrance6 New International Gateway Entrance7

The new entrance is much larger and will be able to better cope with the large crowds from the Disney Skyliner from the previous smaller entrance. You can access this entrance from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Boardwalk, Yacht, and Beach Club Resorts and Swan and Dolphin as well.

What do you think of the updated entrance?

6 thoughts on “PHOTOS: New International Gateway Entrance Opens at Epcot”

  1. Your photo only shows 4 lanes of entry at the new entrance…if this is the extent of their capability, then the new entrance will not handle any more than before

  2. that huge skyline pole smack in the middle of the entrance view is soooooo uniquely themed…ugh. I don’t mind the concept of the Skyliner, but in some locations, it makes the park look like…well, just another an amusement park.

  3. I loved the entrance the way it was originally. It was like a little secret for anyone staying at the resorts on the other side. I’m afraid the crowds trying to get on the Skyliner when Epcot closes will cause major congestion.

    • I too loved that entrance. I stayed at the Dolphin last year – but if this entrance is going to be congested and busy – I won’t bother staying on the Boardwalk anymore. There’s no point if I can’t get quick access to the parks. I may as well stay at a cheaper place….as there’s no difference if I have to wait in line anyway. :( not pleased

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