PHOTOS: The Donut Box Replaces Taste Track Food Kiosk Ahead of Food & Wine Festival Debut at Epcot

Taste Track, located in Future World East near the exit of Test Track, was a kiosk with a storied history. Going from seasonal, to a permanent offering, to a festival staple, its presence varied as much as the menus it offered, varying from grilled cheese, to cronuts, to even pancake milkshakes. Now it seems the kiosk has been removed and in its place, a whole new kiosk is taking its place: The Donut Box.

food kiosk taste track epcot 2

The bright new kiosk takes over the same spot where Taste Track once resided. Once open, The Donut Box and Cool Wash will offer sweet eats and refreshing sips to festival guests.

food kiosk taste track epcot 3

Inside, you can see all of the available outlets. The food prep and point of sale areas have yet to be furnished.

food kiosk taste track epcot 4

food kiosk taste track epcot 1

The sides of the kiosk reveal pod-like elongated cylindrical windows.

food kiosk taste track epcot 5

Out front, the vibrant facade features a bright red-orange color taking over nearly half of the kiosk, contrasting with the stark white panels on the side. A small icon with a knife and fork are on one corner, with a rounded bay for ordering and order pick-up. Overall, it’s a very modern look, albeit not one that matches up with the nearby Test Track attraction like its predecessor.

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Rest in Peace, Taste Track. Gone, but never forgotten.

The Donut Box will debut October 1st with a Black and White Coffee Cocktail garnished with a fresh yeast donut sprinkled with chocolate espresso bean crumbles as well as a Sweet Corn Fritter with Fresno and red pepper jelly, plus Strawberry-dusted Yeast Donut Holes. Also on the menu is a Strawberry Smoothie made with Blue Diamond Breeze Almondmilk® and an exclusive festival beer called Boston Cream Donut Ale from Central 28 Beer Company, located in DeBary, FL.

For more information on The Donut Box and what kind of frozen treats Cool Wash will be offering, click here.