PHOTOS: Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Construction Update 9/16/19 (Track Portions, Additional Panels Painted, Progress on Coaster Storage and Maintenance Structure)

Guardians of the Galaxy construction
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Greetings from a not very crowded Epcot! Perhaps that’s still fallout from Dorian. Whatever the case, we’re back with another construction update on the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride.

Earlier this week, we saw the first look at the ride vehicles. Today, we get a better look inside the future queue area.

On the left, you can see the queue platform and workers flattening the ground underneath. That could mean they are ready to pour concrete in that area.

Guardians of the Galaxy interior construction

More roofing has been completed. Previously, it was only about 1/4 done. The solar panels should be making a return, according to the concept art.

Guardians roofing construction

We also see the scrims and scaffolding on the left-facing side have been removed.

The scaffolding has been removed

Painters are moving quickly on the exterior color theming. Looks like they are continuing the same colors through the rest of the side features.

Possible theming changes are happening

The paint and color scheme is updated

As previously reported, the original concept artwork shows the building as a drab gray. The current blue, red, and brown colors that are being added above are closer to Peter Quill’s original ship called the Milano, seen below. It’s a very popular color choice in the Guardian’s Universe. Even the later ship, the Benatar, had a similar color scheme.

Quill's original ship and color

At the rear of the building, we see the additional storage space being worked on. The area inside that structure is lower than the surrounding ground.

Active construction at the back end

GWork being done on the ride tunnel

Seen below are parts of the track, prior to installation. You can see the wheels that will launch your ride vehicle. Each has its own motor. To help you understand the scale of those wheels, each of those pieces of track stands just under the height of an average person: about 5 feet tall.
Ride track pieces laying on the ground
Although the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster is not scheduled to open until 2021, progress has been great.

Stay with for all the latest updates on the Guardians of the Galaxy construction and all other Epcot projects.

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That’s not launch track. Its station area track with drive/friction wheels that will push the train along along flat sections.