PHOTOS: New Trader Sam’s Drink Shirt, Tumbler, and More Debuts at the Art of Disney

Uh oa! Uh oa! Uh oa oa oa… my wallet. A new collection of Trader Sam’s merchandise has arrived at the Art of Disney at Epcot and we’re about to go broke. We love this new Trader Sam’s artwork because it features so many different mugs from one of our favorite Disney hang outs. Tiki fans rejoice!

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Trader Sam’s Mug Tank – $34.99

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Aloha! This light aqua colored tank top is perfect for relaxing with a tiki mug in your hand. The front features several different mugs found from Trader Sam’s on both coasts. They are very loose and flowy, and we found size Small to XXL available.

Tumbler – $19.99

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While this might not be as cool as drinking out of a shrunken zombie head, it is a bit more durable. This tumbler mug has artwork featuring all of our favorite drinks!

Notebook – $16.99

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Looking to jot down some of your favorite tiki drink recipes? This notebook is the perfect size to keep track of them!

Postcard – $4.99

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These postcards are fun to send to friends, or just buy a cheap frame and hang it up!

A Taste of Tiki Matted Art Print – $39.99

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We might need to take home this matted print right now.

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This collection is sure to be popular, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see these items show up in other locations around the resort. Will you be picking up any of these new items?