PHOTOS: 9/20/19 Construction Update for Club 33 Location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

During our most recent visit to Animal Kingdom the we decided to check in on the construction going on in Africa for the future Club 33 location, Harambe House. It’s been about a month since our last update.

The location construction site is adjacent to the Festival of the Lion King theater in Harambe (Africa) and behind Pandora: The World of Avatar.

The buildings cinder block exterior has gotten significantly taller and looks more filled in. It’s starting to actually look like a building now. Let’s have a closer look…

Unfortunately, due to all the foliage and the scrim covered fence, getting additional views is pretty difficult at this time. This was around 10:30 am.

Here you can see at least one construction worker was present on the site. Also, there was very little construction noise coming from the site. That was the only person we saw present while we were there. Hopefully, there are more workers on the inside or the rear of the building…they certainly aren’t working at the front of the park!

Here is a zoomed-out view of the area mentioned above. Still, not much going on…

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates regarding this upcoming Club 33 location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

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Greg from Philly
Greg from Philly
1 year ago

This makes me laugh…I guess I just don’t understand the new Disney executive logic. On one hand, crowds are lower than they have been in years and prices continue to rise. To reduce cost they are cancelling PARK ENTERTAINMENT something tangible people can enjoy and are something that draw people to the parks. But…Disney logic is to build an ultra exclusive $25,000/year members only restaurant in every park that 98% of the people attending those parks cant afford. Hey geniuses how about cutting costs by not building stupid exclusive restaurants and put more money towards family entertainment. So stupid!!