Prices Raised at Oga’s Cantina for Mixed Drinks, Beer, and Rancor Beer Flight at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

Death, taxes, and Disney raising prices. These are the only certainties in life as price increases have struck Oga’s Cantina already. Occurring at the Disneyland location, Mixed Drinks are up around $1, beer $2, and the Rancor Beer Flight $10.

Ogas Cantina Opening Day Review SWGE 1

The increases now make the menu prices at Walt Disney World and Disneyland identical now, as Disneyland had the same items with lower prices before today. As you can see, the Rancor Beer Flight will now run you $85, mixed drinks ranging from $15 to $45, and beer ranging from $13.25 to $14.25.

Ogas Canteen Price Increase September 20193 Ogas Canteen Price Increase September 20192

What do you think of the price increases at Disneyland to match Walt Disney World pricing?

14 thoughts on “Prices Raised at Oga’s Cantina for Mixed Drinks, Beer, and Rancor Beer Flight at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland”

  1. $85 for the Rancor Beer Flight is perhaps the most egregious thing I’ve seen at the Disney parks. It’s just a wild leap too far and actually soured me quite a bit on Galaxy’s Edge and Disney in general.

  2. Pure greed coupled with desperation after footfall is way lower than they anticipated.

    SWGE should have been a pure money maker for Disney, but they screwed up massively and are now panicking to claw back as much money as possible form the ever dwindling visitors.

  3. Obviously, the “great and prosperous wealth” of the World “ doesn’t want the little man around much longer .

  4. I absolutely love enjoying a few adult beverages at Disney Parks, but these prices are just outrageous! $14 for a beer. They wonder why crowds are down at both Galaxy’s Edge locations, it’s because there is only one attraction (currently) and if you want to do anything else besides walk around, you have to pay an insane price for that experience. Just not worth it.

  5. I love Disney, but this is another example where the parks are pricing themselves out of the market. These are prices that I might expect at a 5-star resort, but we need to be honest, as magical as they are Disney parks and resorts are not 5-star resorts.

  6. Been three times, that’s plenty for me. I loved being price gouged for the privilege of poor service and standing for a beer but I shall pass going forward. This company is really pushing it.

  7. I was in DLR’s Oga’s Cantina each of the last 2 days. It was an absolute zoo. This price raise won’t hurt Disney in the slightest.
    I’m actually more upset about the ridiculous price for the very small cups of blue & green milk. $8.61 after-tax is absurd.
    I actually enjoy both flavors.
    But at those prices, I’m gonna go “been there, done that”.

  8. We were able to get in to the Cantina. The drinks were not worth the price. Now raising them, yeah, really not worth it. But hey, at least we tried it once

  9. “How can we draw more people in since attendance is way lower than expected?”

    “I know! Let’s raise prices!”

    Someone might want to take an economics class

  10. Disney! Ya’ll are going the wrong direction with your pricing if you want to increase attendance! People are not rich. With the cost of lodging, your ridiculous $25 parking fee and increasing food and ticket prices you really are making it near impossible for some people to come. It is really sad. Disneyland should be accessible to anyone. Don’t be greedy.

  11. Disney is falling victim to the economy of scale trap. They will raise prices to counter act the dropping attendence, which will make attendence drop more. They should be trying to find the point where 65% of their audience can afford to enjoy the parks regularly.

    We go quite regularly to Disney World in Orlando and the $250 dollar in food for a Saturday/Sunday visit are getting rediculous. I looked at trips from four years ago and we spent $450 for a five day trip. Now we hit that much over a long weekend. We are starting to bring in sandwiches and water to bring the costs down. Otherwise we be priced out of going as often as we do. About 3 to 4 weeks a year, usually on holiday weekends.

    We went last weekend and the park was at a good capacity but Galaxy’s Edge was not as full as I would have expected. Mostly, people were just taking pictures of the Falcon and NOT buying anything. It was rare to see anyone walking around with bags.

  12. I am one of the, apparently, very few who think that alcohol is not necessary for a trip to Disneyland. Therefore, the more expensive, the better, in my opinion.
    Plenty of alcohol can be had at DCA, hence the amount of obnoxious behavior observed as a result…

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