REVIEW: Maple Pecan Bourbon Hot Ganache with Chocolate Bacon from the Ganachery at Disney Springs

When we heard the Ganachery at Disney Springs had a new maple pecan bourbon hot ganache, we were all about it. Then, we found out it’s topped with a piece of chocolate-covered bacon, and we nearly fell over.  This new alcoholic beverage is part of the new food and drink offerings from the WonderFall Flavors at Disney Springs, and it’s an absolute dream. We’ve come to expect beautiful and delicious treats from the Ganachery, but they’ve outdone themselves this time!

This drink is beautifully made. Warm, creamy chocolate ganache is topped with whipped cream, pecans, and a decadent piece of chocolate-covered bacon.

This drink is so smooth and rich, you might not even realize it’s alcoholic! The chunks of pecans and melting whipped cream blend together for a very rich drink that would be perfect on a cool fall day. Keep in mind though, this is Florida and as amazing of a drink this is, ours quickly melted. However, when (or if) the temperature ever drops below the 90’s, this will be the perfect way to warm up!

We pulled the bacon out to take a couple of bites and it’s just as delicious and chewy as we expected. The milk chocolate coating from the bacon melts into the drink and brings out even more of the rich chocolate taste. We can’t wait to return for another one of these!

Eventually, your bacon will start to sink like the Titanic, but your heart will go on. There’s a nice little wooden spoon served with the beverage to help you stir up the flavors, or fish out pecans and bacon.

There are many WonderFall offerings around Disney Springs right now, but if you’re looking for something extra decadent (and alcoholic), make a trip to the Ganachery. The Ganachery can be found at The Landing, across from Paradiso 37 and Hangar Bar at Disney Springs. Happy Fall!