Search Party and Helicopter Called After Tourist Under the Influence of LSD Goes Missing In Disneyland Paris

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This weekend, a Swiss tourist under the influence of the hallucinogenic drug LSD was reported missing within Disneyland Paris, according to French news site L’Express.

Relief crews were alerted of the 32 year-old’s disappearance by the man’s girlfriend, who had allegedly supplied him the drug at the time of park close. Thirty firefighters and ten divers were mobilized to search the area, along with the assistance of eighty park cast members. Dogs and a military Gendarmerie helicopter fully equipped with a thermal camera was also utilized for the job.

Thankfully, the man was found safe at 12.30 AM that night, fallen on the bank of a body of water. It was reported that he and his partner were taken to Chessy police station, detained for illegal narcotics use.

According to Disneyland Paris Resort park rules, all illicit substances, plus alcoholic beverages, are strictly banned from being brought into the park. Stay safe and be responsible!

Source: L’Express

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