REVIEW: New Marble Cake Zebra Cupcake Gallops into Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We hitched a safari ride over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom today, and spotted a new animal cupcake on the bakery case savannah. Restaurantosaurus and Creature Comforts have debuted an adorable new zebra cupcake and we’re ready to dig in. But are zebra cupcakes made of white frosting with black stripes? Or black frosting with white stripes? We’ll have to investigate this delicious mystery!

The new cupcake cake is available from September 8 until October 6 for $5.99.

Our Zebra had an interesting personality for sure. The face is made from two chocolate chip eyes, a fondant nose, and white chocolate ears. He even has a spiked frosting mane!

We love this cupcake! White chocolate and chocolate buttercream frosting is swirled and piled high on this marble cake. The buttercream is creamy and smooth, with the white chocolate flavor dominating. It’s got an excellent taste!

The marble cake is actually a much better surprise than any filling. We had expected more white chocolate buttercream in the center, but were relieved to find the (well-themed) striped cake inside. This is solid cake throughout, which helps balance the sweet buttercream icing. As much as we love the white chocolate Simba cupcake from Pizzafari, this Zebra cupcake has a better balance between cake and frosting. The cupcake does come from a freezer case usually, so it is a nice cool snack. Eat it quickly, because your zebra will melt in this heat!

While this cupcake may never replace our love of Zebra Domes, we will definitely come back for another one on our next visit. Will you be stampeding over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to try the new Zebra cupcake?