PHOTOS: New Art Nouveau Style Marquee Installed at International Gateway Disney Skyliner Station Entrance Archway in Epcot

New marquee alert! The Disney Skyliner station at Epcot’s International Gateway is looking mighty fine with a crisp new marquee installed onto the entrance archway. Personally, this Skyliner station is arguably the nicest, with its intricately patterned loading canopy and Art Nouveau style wrought iron design. Hollywood Studios’ station may have the glamorous neon, but this station borrows from the nearby France pavilion to lend it an elevated, artistic look. Take a look at the new marquee that was just installed:

The entrance will have two sides, one for regular entry and an additional entryway for handicap guests in wheelchairs, ECVs, or other assisted mobility devices. As a reminder, Skyliner Gondolas fitted to accommodate wheelchairs, ECVs, or other mobility devices will only seat a maximum of up to six guests. Mobility aids and strollers must fit within a 30” x 48” area for access. You can read more on Disney Skyliner gondola logistics here.

The station is still well behind walls, far from its scheduled September 29th opening date.

The station itself looks gorgeous with intricate, lush grass patterns and sections of tile interwoven with grass. Once past the entrance archway, guests file through a queue to the main station where they board their character gondola.

Are you looking forward to taking a ride on the Disney Skyliner once it opens? Let us know in the comments!