Tropical Cyclone Nine Expected to Develop Into Tropical Storm This Weekend; Central Florida Within Cone

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After having barely evaded the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian, it seems Floridians must prepare for yet another storm.

Tropical Cyclone Nine is expected to become a Tropical Storm and bring tropical-storce-winds to areas of the Bahamas and Florida.

Per Key Messages from the National Weather Service, the key concerns here are flash flooding and hazardous storm conditions.

A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for the Florida east coast, with a Tropical Storm Warning expected to be issued within the next 36 hours.

We’ll continue monitoring the developments of Tropical Cyclone Nine as it affects weather in Central Florida and Walt Disney World.

The National Hurricane Center continues to urge Florida visitors and residents to make preparations ahead of any tropical storm activity as trajectories and speeds can shift at the last minute, not to mention the effects of flooding and other impacts from being inside the cone.

Walt Disney World’s Hurricane Policy states that a Hurricane Watch or Warning must be issued for cancellation or change fees to be waived. You can check for any further updates from the National Hurricane Center here, and read up on Walt Disney World’s hurricane policy here.

Featured Image: Tom Sorrells – News 6

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