REVIEW: Curry Long Naan for Disney Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland’s Toontone Treats

It’s time for Disney Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort! And one of my favorite parts of any Tokyo Disney Resort event is the array of snacks and food items available! In this series of reviews, I’ll be detailing every single new snack and counter-service item. The beef sauce long naan is one of my favorite snacks at Tokyo Disneyland. It’s incredibly filling and delicious, plus a decent deal at ¥500. Unfortunately, like the Gyoza Dog’s replacement, they’ve taken a great snack and replaced it with something okay for Disney Halloween. So, let’s take a look at the Curry Long Naan.

Curry Long Naan – ¥500 ($4.63)

I do love that the menu design fits with the Toontown aesthetic. The snack’s design and the menu aesthetics are unfortunately the best part about this snack.

The purple is also cool! It definitely feels like Halloween. As for the taste? It was undercooked, especially on the underside. The dough is still very apparent, and created issues with the filling deciding to spill out at certain points. The curry was also possibly the least spicy curry I’ve tasted in my life. It’s not bad, per se, but I was exppcting a bit of a kick. This snack, like many over at Walt Disney World, seems like a good idea, but fails in actual execution. The biggest benefit here is that it feels like a small meal. This will fill you up if you’re in between light snacking and a full counter-service meal. That means it’s a pretty fair deal for ¥500!

All four sides are just cute! I love all of these food wrappers that we get, and I continue to wish I could justify keeping them!

Overall, this isn’t too terrible of a deal. The one I got was somewhat undercooked, but maybe it was just a dud? I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. The curry isn’t awful, but it definitely isn’t great. I’ll long for the return of the normal Long Naan. But for now, the Curry Long Naan is available at Tokyo Disneyland’s Toontone Treats through October 31st.

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