REVIEW: Special Soup & Desserts for Disney Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea’s Horizon Bay Restaurant

It’s time for Disney Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort! And one of my favorite parts of any Tokyo Disney Resort event is the array of snacks and food items available! In this series of reviews, I’ll be detailing every single new snack and counter-service item. We previously reviewed Tokyo DisneySea’s Horizon Bay Restaurant in July, and most of that menu has remained (as it should). But for Disney Halloween, they’ve introduced a few new items that we wanted to take a look at! There’s a new soup and two new desserts to give a try! So, let’s journey back to Port Discovery and take a look at these delectable new treats!

Cream of Purple Sweet Potato Soup – ¥430 ($3.99)

They really went all-in on the purple sweet potato stuff this season, and its manifested in several forms. The Purple Sweet Potato Tipo Torta and the Beef & Purple Sweet Potato Cone are two ends of the spectrum, in this case. Whereas the latter was somewhat unpleasant in the savory category, I think this soup is better by a little bit.

The presentation is cute, featuring the black bread slice in the middle (which mixes well with the soup). It’s delicious and creamy, but it lacks a really distinctive flavor. Purple sweet potato is rather bland to me, and thus I don’t really get much of a unique taste here other than just yam. But that’s likely the idea. It makes a great palate cleanser for a full Select Five Set, but I think I far prefer the purple potato in the Tipo Torta.

Chocolate Cake with Mint Whipped Cream – ¥390 ($3.61)

Chocolate cake, especially rich and dark ones, are a bit of a weakness for me. I love rich, dark chocolate so much, and that’s genuinely what it looks like to me.

This cake is a master class on making food look like the menu picture. The gold sparkles make for a nice aesthetic touch that I love. It’s not really that rich (sadly), but it definitely has that nice dark chocolate taste (rather than milky chocolate).  I also like that you can season it in whichever way you desire, whether minty or with sweet berries. I preferred the berries, personally. The mint was very weak (but still present) rather than what I’d expect from a minty whip. However, absolutely do not mix the two seasonings together. Mint, fruit, and chocolate may mix well in pairs (maybe not mint and fruit), but all together it’s a disaster. Absolutely get this cake, however. Wow, it’s incredible!

Pumpkin Cake with Souvenir Plate – ¥800

The designs of these tend to be either hit or miss for me. For example, I’m a proud owner of two of the 35th Anniversary Grand Finale souvenir mugs, because they were gorgeous. This plate, however, I’m not such a huge fan of. But I will gladly buy it again for this excellent pumpkin cake.

“Pumpkin cake” is a bit of a lie for me, to be honest. It tastes like and has a very similar texture to pumpkin pie. Maybe the only difference is that the filling is a bit less rich than a typical American pumpkin pie is. Fortunately (or unfortunately) like a pumpkin pie, it also contains an excessive amount of whipped cream! I felt like I had a piece of Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner in front of me, and I sort of wish they’d saved this dessert for that season. I loved this, and am seriously tempted to order it again! This particular dessert is also available at counter service restaurants throughout the park.

Overall, I think Horizon Bay made some excellent additions to their menu for the season! I wish the cakes were permanent, honestly. I loved them that much! If you’re at Tokyo DisneySea and decide to dine at Horizon Bay Restaurant, you still can’t go wrong! These are all available through October 31st, so drop on in!

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