ParksCenter – Project Gamma Progress, Declining Crowds, and Skyliner Cast Previews – Ep. 70

This is ParksCenter. We cover the top 7 (yeah, 7) stories from this week in Disney Parks news, in under 30 minutes, guaranteed.

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about:

  • A look into the progress so far on Epcot’s Project Gamma, ranging from the construction progress to how we feel about these changes
  • Crowds are down at Walt Disney World – not just Galaxy’s Edge, but all the parks as a whole
  • The Skyliner opened up for cast previews – is a public soft opening on the way?

And more! Want to watch? The video version is embedded below, or check out our audio-only version on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, or search for ParksCenter in your favorite podcast app!

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1 year ago

I was at Epcot last Saturday and Sunday. Crowds were massive. Lines at the various food booths were long.
Many booths opened at 1030 because of the crowds.
I found that out on Monday when they didn’t open at 1030 8(
When you have to play dodge-people while walking, imho, the crowds are large.
Plus, MK and AK had EMH opening at 7am, while MGM opened at 6.
I think a lot of people got their attractions in early, before the heat of the day.