Child Attacked by Anteater During Disney Cruise Line Offshore Excursion; Family Now Seeking Damages

Derek Sterling

Disney Wonder cruise ship

Child Attacked by Anteater During Disney Cruise Line Offshore Excursion; Family Now Seeking Damages

Derek Sterling

Disney Wonder cruise ship

Child Attacked by Anteater During Disney Cruise Line Offshore Excursion; Family Now Seeking Damages

According to ClickOrlando, a child was reportedly attacked by an anteater during a Disney Cruise Line offshore excursion in October 2018. After returning from the excursion, which took place in Cartagena, Colombia, the boy and his family visited the medical facility aboard the Disney Wonder.

Disney Wonder

The child suffered a “a severe mycobacteria infection,” and his family is now claiming that the onboard medicinal facility did not give him proper treatment.

Allegedly, the onboard medical providers, Magical Cruise Company and Vanter Cruise Health Services, did not give the boy the level of care he needed after failing to detect and diagnose the infection.

The family is now “seeking damages in excess of $15,000 and a jury trial.”

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  1. Did the parents tell the child to get uncomfortably close to the anteater to the point where it would feel the need to defend itself? How does one otherwise get attacked by an anteater in a conservatory? I’m sorry that he wasn’t properly diagnosed, but I feel like it could have been easily prevented.

  2. I’ll bet the amount they’re suing for that the child was the one who attacked the anteater, not the other way around.

  3. Yet another example of how a little Disney cares about the safety and well being of it’s consumers. How many more innocent families will fall victim to Disney’s callous attitude of ensuring safety of those that visit the various properties that they manage. Who was the fool that thought it was a good idea to allow a wild and notoriously vicious breed of animal to mingle with guests including defenseless small children?
    I have always felt uncomfortable walking among the animals at the petting area at Animal Kingdom. On multiple visits both my partner and I did not feel safe with the animals that were allowed to roam around free while being “monitored” by unattentive and oblivious cast members.

      • Excuse me, but since when is providing thoughtful insight and opinion considered “trolling”. You seem so quick to pass judgment on a comment that you probably did not even take the time to read. Then again I would expect nothing less from a typical Trump supporter.

        • Let’s see: “Progressive” in online name…Check! Put’s down Disney with no research about this and assumes it’s Disney’s fault… Check! Is afraid of walking in a petting zoo…..Check! Heck, I bet at least Pete Buttigieg would walk among baby animals at a petting zoo!

        • Join the discussion…you are an snowflake…..scared of a petting zoo?…..I guess a baby goat is too scary……..this was not an onsite attraction….not a animal at the animal kingdom…….oh I am so not surprised that a person with your delicate condition would bring our President into this

          • Holy Cow!!! People ridicule other people and immediately you’re a “This supporter” or a “That supporter.” Let’s keep this about Disney and NOT about politics. That’s what’s wrong with society…state an opinion and you must be ridiculed, labeled, pigeon-holed, ridiculed, etc. I miss the days of NO social media and the days of plain old manners!

    • I don’t think Disney owned the property that was visited during the trip. And, anteaters aren’t vicious. They will not actively attack you just because, as they would need to feel threatened. The parents most likely let their kid wander too close to a wild animal, since the animal wasn’t in an enclosure, thinking they could touch it. Just because an animal isn’t contained doesn’t mean you can treat it as if it were a dog or cat. It’s still a wild animal, no matter how much human contact it may or may not have. And the fact you feel uncomfortable around sheep and goats, why are you even in the petting zoo area to begin with?

    • Lol this was on a Port Adventure that Disney has no control monitoring. Once the guests leave with their tour guide (someone from the place they are visiting) Disney has nothing to do with it. Some people! I tell ya!

    • So baby goats and lambs scare you do they? Then don’t go in! Take responsibility for your own actions. And by the way, this was a third-party facility, not owned by Disney. And who goes to Cartagena, Colombia anyway? They’re lucky it was only an anteater that attacked them!

    • I literally can’t even. 1. This was not on a Disney property; the alledged attack happened on a port excursion. 2. The medical staff on board the ship will tell you to go see your actual doctor once you disembark (trust me I know). 3. Anteaters aren’t vicious and aggressive animals, unless they are harassed and threatened by small children. 4. If said anteater had actually attacked said small child, then they would have required immediate care from the facility where it happened, which would probably have included being transported to a local hospital and being unable to reboard the ship.

  4. I don’t believe the child was truly Attacked by an Anteater. Anteaters have very Long, very Sharp claws used for digging and defense/attack. They can inflict serious damage immediately.

  5. One more thing: ANTEATERS DO NOT HAVE TEETH! They use their tongue to lap up ants. So this whole thing is bogus and a money grab!

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