Resort-Wide Price Increases on Food and Beverage Items Sweep Walt Disney World

Derek Sterling

Resort-Wide Price Increases on Food and Beverage Items Sweep Walt Disney World

Derek Sterling

Resort-Wide Price Increases on Food and Beverage Items Sweep Walt Disney World

It’s a new fiscal year for The Walt Disney Company and it has brought price increases on food all across Walt Disney World. Our intrepid reporters at the Magic Kingdom noticed that The Lunching Pad and Casey’s Corner had increased prices for some of their menu items.

Launching Pad Price Increase October 20192

Mickey Pretzel is now $6.79 (previously $6.59), Churro is $6.19 (previously $5.89).

Launching Pad Price Increase October 20191

Cream Cheese Pretzel is now $6.79 (previously $6.59).

Caseys Corner Price Increase October 2019

Over at Casey’s Corner, Corn Dog Nugget Meal is $9.99 (previously $8.99), and the Loaded Fries are $6.99 (previously $6.49).

Upon further inspection online, we noticed many of the locations around Walt Disney World had increased prices. If you remember earlier today, we told you that the refillable mug had been increased to $19.99 from $18.99.

What do you think of these price increases at Walt Disney World?

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36 thoughts on “Resort-Wide Price Increases on Food and Beverage Items Sweep Walt Disney World”

  1. What do you think of these price increases at Walt Disney World?
    Stinks!! Disney has lost me a a loyal customer. Went every year since 2001, but did not go this year. Don’t have any plans for future visits with the greed that has taken over Disney.

  2. These price increases are outrageous, intolerable, and completely unnecessary. It is beginning to reach a point as to where my partner and I can no longer afford our weekly trips to Disney World. It certainly looks as if Mr. Iger is attempting to weed out those that he deems undesirable from visiting his parks. I am beginning to feel as if I an an unwanted presence on Disney property.

  3. They really don’t get it. It’s one thing to increase ticket prices to reduce crowds and prevent overcrowding but price gouging within the parks is plain disgusting. I utilize more outside restaurants before and after going to the parks because these excessive prices are just offensive. The quality of the food just doesn’t measure up to the prices by a long shot. There will be a day when Disney will see how this all backfires. The poor response to Galaxy’s Edge is already a sign of things to come. I’m now more interested in going to Universal and other parks as Disney is becoming too overpriced, politically correct and losing its originality. They are also compromising quality to pinch pennies.

  4. I think if they are trying to stem the tide of low attendance, then raising prices across the board is wrong way to fix the problem. The only way I could see them getting back attendance to where they want it is to lower ticket prices…then I don’t think people will notice and/or care so much about the 50 cent (or so) food increase…for now.

  5. hmmmm, lagging attendance = decrease in demand…. let’s Raise prices! Genius! Someone needs to take Economics 101

  6. Such greed! This is a place you are suppose to be able to go and afford a vacation now it seems it is just a money making place that doesn’t care about people. Adults and children look forward to eating Mickey Pretzels 🥨 or having churros, now you are lucky you can get water and not going bankrupt. Sure it’s .50 cents or a dollar, next year it will go up more and so on. Just very upsetting because this is the place where I am the most happiest person….doubting I will go back with all these changes….

  7. They are going to nickel and people to death. They want to the park that only the elite attend.

  8. I understand that prices have to increase, but it saddens me that Disney is raising prices on everything from food, ticket prices and even charging to park your car while staying on Disney property. In 2005 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. He told me if he makes it through it he wants to go to Disney world every year. Thankfully he had wonderful doctors and the good lord on his side and is still cancer free. We have kept the promise of going but now as prices keep increasing can no longer stay on property and enjoy dining at the restaurants we did even a few years ago. Yes they need to make money, but I’m sure Walt didn’t have this as his vision.
    So I guess how the raising of food prices, along with all the other increases make me feel, well it makes me feel sad.

  9. Prices can not keep going up if they want loyal followers to continue to spend money at their resort. This will be my last trip for a while as the cost is out of hand.

  10. With all the various increases and added cost as in hotel parking, it is getting harder for familys to be able to have a wonderful vacation, as for the food and drink price increases, I just don’t think it’s a good idea.we have a trip planned for June 2020, at this rate it will be our last.

  11. Not happy. Yet another ‘slight adjustment’. Rethinking next year’s trip. Yet some lucky enough to afford it will gladly throw their purses & wallets at the House of Mouse.

  12. As with tickets and lodging, every time I hear about another increase, I delay my next trip to WDW by several months. I used to go three times a year on average — now I average once a year.

  13. The increase on the Casey’s corn dog nuggets is steep. That was one of the better deals at MK. I know the age old response to price increases is “people will spend no matter the price” but will be a point where people are done with the constant increases. 6.19 for a churro is insane.

  14. Living in the Orlando area i can say that i go to the parks quite frequently… The one thing i don’t do is buy food there anymore as i agree the price hikes have gotten out of hand and i would be okay with it if the food quality was up to par on price… Disney especially has been going downhill on food quality over the past several years and now it’s so bad even some of the premier restaurants aren’t worth the price… I would say at the parks only a handful are still good with most being in Epcot… Now this comment doesn’t extend fully to the resort locations although many of them have quality issues around the how the food tastes compared to price… A good example you pay the $19 for that burger meal that is more like a kiddie burger, tastes like a hockey puck, & leaves you saying what did i do to deserve this after waiting 15 or so mins in a line pay out over $100 for a family of 4 not including drinks…

  15. Ridiculous, but then again the CEO needs to keep stealing from the people who come to the parks on a 65 million dollar salary but lay off 17 dollar an hour employees. I say get rid of him, like disneys granddaughter says

  16. I think they are pricing those on moderate income right out of a Disney vacation. Not only have food prices increased but so have season passes and room rates. I don’t understand how they think the majority of the population can afford to spend that kind of money. I love Disney but there are many vacations I could take for the same or less money and get more bang for the buck. I will not be renewing my season pass nor visiting three to five times a year as I normally do.

    Thanks Disney! You’ve once again proven that it’s always about the money!

  17. Disney has out priced the average American family of four and older people who make under $25,000.00 a year. I used to go every other year now I will probably no go back. There Dolly world and other parks that are more affordable to me and the family’s that can’t afford your Price’s. It’s to bad Walt’s dream isn’t for everyone any more the CEO’s and board members have gotten gready.

  18. Why is their stock answer to falling crowds to punish those who still come with ever increasing, inflation busting, prices?

    We visit once a year from the UK for three weeks, and it’s now got to the point where we’re now considering missing Florida out and going elsewhere due to the exorbitant cost of visiting.

    If Disney announced a price *cut* for a change (hell, even back to what it was a couple or years ago) the crowds would come flooding back in droves, and Disney would arguably make much more in food and merch sales than they’re current making…you can’t spend money if it’s too expensive to go in the first place..why can’t Disney see this?

  19. What do * I * think? I think my trips to the World will be with snacks purchased from the outside of the parks. I will bring my own fruits, nuts and bottled water, and the only thing purchased would be the popcorn…whose bucket is refillable for length of stay at a much more reasonable price. *I* think WDW continues to make prices increases first, and guest experiences last, to the point where, after being a long AP…I am considering giving it up. They keep building faux Hilton resorts…….wth is DISNEY? Walt is turning in his grave!

  20. I believe they made a major marketing error for Galaxy Edge and have taken a large financial hit as a result. They are passing that poor management decisions results (loss of profit) on to the guests. AWFUL! They are pricing the middle class out of the world.

  21. I will not be purchasing my annual pass this year, nor will I be going to Disneyworld 3 times this year. They are just going crazy with all these price increases! I think they are pricing people right out of the market! My husband and I will reconsider our vacations and find something else to do. Disneyworld is off our plate.

  22. I think Disney is finding new ways to push customers away. From price hikes to poor customer service they have created an overall lack-luster experience, Disney has achieved the status of ‘Disappointment’ in my book. Being an annual passholder for a few years now, I will find other places to spend my time and money.

  23. Churros should be $3.49 or no more than $4. Charging $6.20 for a churro is insulting! I used to think Disney food prices were affordable, not any more. Soon, they will stop letting you bring food in! It’s coming, guarantee it. They day Disney starts charging resort fees on their hotels will be they day I will be done with Disney parks!!

  24. Money hungry Disney. Making 130 percent over what they pay for it. Plus park tickets . When is it enough . Stop bending us over the barrel.

  25. Do you suppose anything will wake Disney management up to the fact that declining revenues are due to poor choices on their part across the board? Disney has always been expensive, but worth it. Not so much anymore. Cuts in service and increased prices do not more customers make…..corporate greed has blinded them to the reality that people stop buying when the value goes away. Seems like Disney is still hanging on to reputation earned years ago by other leadership… just look at the movies they have “ created” lately…. Oh, wait, you can’t because all they have done is buy other people’s ideas and rebrand them. Hope they wake up soon because I hate to see Walt’s dream die on a greedy sword.

  26. When you hear, let’s raise employees wages, think of how it will be paid for. The way is price increases. When you hear, we’re spending $1 billion to add GALAXY Edge and all these new rides and attractions, think of how it will be paid for, price increases. We used to go to Disney World once a year, now because of how expensive it’s become the past 10 years, we can only go once every 2 years. And we choose one character breakfast, one fancy dinner and no merchandise. We pick 2 parks to visit and the rest is resort time. The kids don’t mind, the pools are great.

  27. Looks to me that the price increases as a percentage of the original price are pretty insignificant.

    I think most of us are more interested in park admission ticket increases. Hasn’t there typically been ticket price increases in October in the past? Not this year, or, probably forthcoming in the coming days, or, not many websites are tracking WDW price increases because of the variable pricing there’s no longer a BIG announcement and they just inch of the variable pricing quietly?

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