FuelRod Swap Fees Possibly Now Cancelled for Disney Parks After Public Backlash, Warning Signs Removed from Some Kiosks

It seems the FuelRod saga isn’t over yet. Earlier this week, we began noticing that certain kiosks, which had previously received new signage informing guests of a $3 swapping fee starting November 1st, were no longer showing said decals:

A FuelRod kiosk at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom no longer showed the new fee signage earlier this week. A reader sent us a photo of a kiosk from Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. which also appeared to no longer have the fee signage:

We assumed that these were episodes of guests vandalizing and removing the stickers out of spite for the new charges, but it may actually point to a reversal in the swapping fee policy in light of recent class action lawsuits, as well as negative consumer feedback on the sudden fees.

The kiosks are set to be re-wrapped to reflect the new fees overnight across property, so only time will tell if the policy is in fact being put into place. We’ll be on the lookout for any further changes in signage (or lack thereof.)

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