McDonald’s Near Disney’s All-Star Resorts to Close for Refurbishment on October 30th at Walt Disney World

According to permits filed earlier this month, the last remaining McDonald’s location on Walt Disney World property is set to undergo a vast refurbishment starting on October 30th.

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Image Credit: Michael Gray via Flickr

The permits detailed architectural work, new roofing, and building improvements coming to the McDonald’s, which is located at 1596 W. Buena Vista Drive, or right by the gates to Disney’s All-Star Resorts.

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Image Credit: rustyalaska via Flickr

Many may recall this McDonald’s by its former wacky exterior featuring larger-than-life figures of Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and anthropomorphic menu items, like fries, Happy Meals, and McMuffins.

The McDonald’s originally opened back in 1998 and received its first makeover in 2009, where it was transformed from its cartoonish exterior to the more contemporary look we see now. However, this new refurbishment promises to bring a “redesigned, more elevated experience” (for a McDonald’s, anyway) upon reopening.

The restaurant is set to close on October 30th for refurbishment and is set to reopen in 2020.

7 thoughts on “McDonald’s Near Disney’s All-Star Resorts to Close for Refurbishment on October 30th at Walt Disney World”

  1. It will be more timeless, more Disney, more greasy and more McDonalds! My plan is to slap Toy Story stickers on it, get something projected on it, sell $30 retro t shirts of what was destroyed and reopen with a 50% smaller menu that is 80% more expensive

  2. I’ve seen a McD get refurbished in less than a month. What could they be doing that will take over 2 months?

  3. Hope they do a nice job. This McD is a rally point for group trips to Disney. Enjoy it, but McD should monitor the quality and dedication of the staff here. Sometimes it is more like a Burger King.

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