PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 10/13/19 (New Pins, Holiday Decor, Christmas Tree Trail, & More!)

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Good afternoon from Disney Springs! We stopped on by the other day to see what was happening!

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Over at the Lego store, we found a giant Millennium Falcon made entirely out of Legos!

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Apparently this is a thing you can have done now? We’re going to have to pass on this one!

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At World of Disney, we found even more Star Wars Episode 9 merchandise. One of the latest items is this Resistance Deluxe Figurine Set. $24.99 is the price, which isn’t a bad considering the number of figures you get.

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Also a new addition was this D-0 “Spinner”. The most we could get this item to do was light up in various colors. No cast member could show us anything else it did! The cost of this toy is $17 even.

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Speaking of Star Wars, World of Disney also has this cool projection that moves around on the floor in the Star Wars merchandise area of the store!

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You might recall the interactive Thanos gold Infinity Gauntlet. Well, now you can be just like Iron Man and own your own Power Gauntlet for $99.99!

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Trash? We always have to stop by and say hello to Forky when we visit World of Disney!

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We found yet another new piece of adult apparel this time. A hooded tee featuring a vintage looking “Walt Disney World” and Mickey Mouse.

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Have you ever stopped to check out the exclusive drinks the marketplace Starbucks has to offer? We especially enjoy the Disney themed drinks!

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Of course, we always have to visit this awesome new wall painting whenever we come to Disney Springs, because who doesn’t love Orange Bird?

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We also came across this new jack-o’-lantern float at Vivoli Il Gelato… We’ll have to stop back by and try this soon!

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And then it rained… Good times!

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Earlier, we saw the Millennium Falcon behind the Lego store; out front, we ran into Rey and BB-8 constructed out of Legos!

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Time to stop at Pin Traders, one of the best stores at Disney Springs, if we don’t say so ourselves.

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It was here at Pin Traders that we discovered the brand new wave of cast member hidden Mickey pins were now released into circulation!

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We stopped at Disney’s Days of Christmas store, where we discovered a whole new line of Chanukah merchandise, you can get all the details here.

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The Art of Disney store got a brand new pin board!

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Did you ever notice at Goofy’s Candy Company that Goofy has a diploma from the University of Candy Science on display showing he had a masters degree in candy science?

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We also noticed today that the beginnings of the Christmas Tree Trail are starting to pop up already!

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The giant splash pad in front of The Void and Earl of Sandwich is currently blocked off and closed.

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Over by the Lime Garage, we discovered this new wait time board for all the restaurants located at Disney Springs.

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Lastly we stopped into AristoCrêpes and we found this new seasonal crêpe, consisting of apple filling, toasted pecans with chantilly cream and caramel sauce!

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That about wraps up our visit to Disney Springs for the day… thanks for reading, and stay tuned to WDWNT for more updates from the parks!