PHOTOS: New Disney Novelty Socks Spotted at MouseGear in Epcot

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As we get closer to the cold winter months everywhere that isn’t Florida, we all need a good pair of socks to keep our toes warm. And thanks to a new deal we spotted at MouseGear today, you can get two Disney pairs of novelty socks for a lower price! Let’s check out some of the designs available, from adorable to groovy! Some of these we actually spotted back in April when they were first introduced.

Socks – $14.99 Each, $11.00 Each for Two Pairs

Lots of choices here! Are you a particularly huge fan of the Mine Mine birds from Finding Nemo? There’s a pair for you. What about your eternal love for those mischievous little rodents, Chip ‘n’ Dale? There’s a cute matching pair for them too! And so many other chocies!

With park snacks, Mickey Ears, and a castle, it’s always the best day ever! Show off your pride with this cute pair.

This reminds me of a carpet pattern you’d see in a laser tag outlet, except with Mickey silhouettes. But I don’t judge!

Or even some neat little Mickey-shaped cherries? All this makes me want is some cherry ice cream.

Remember when I said groovy? This is exactly what I meant. Tie-dye Mickey isn’t all that bad, to be honest! I can see this working with a really eclectic Disneybound, maybe?

Didn’t see something you liked in the close-ups? Don’t worry, these are just a small selection of what’s available above. Hurry out to MouseGear at Epcot to take advantage of this excellent novelty socks deal!

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