Some of the fun and colorful new socks which we spotted this week in the parks

PHOTOS: New Novelty Socks Arrive at Walt Disney World

Socks, here! Get your novelty socks, here! We found a whole treasure trove of comfy new novelty socks while wandering through World of Disney and knew we had to share them with you. (We’ve also spotted them at Magic Kingdom, so it’s safe to say these are, or will be available wherever novelty socks are sold across Walt Disney World.) The socks are $14.99, plus tax when purchased individually, but buy two pairs and get them for $11.00 each! Check out all the designs below.

These Mr. Toad socks are perfect and just subtle enough for the office (or a Dapper Day look.)

Meanwhile, these thick Mountain Man socks are perfect for hiking boots.

Rep your favorite feline or pup with the Disney Cats and Disney Dogs designs.

Fans of the Mad Tea Party will love these teacup-covered socks. The Sleeping Beauty set is pretty clever too, with each sock themed after Aurora’s blue and pink gowns. If you’re okay with mismatched socks, these are perfect for you.

Even more “it’s a small world” merch pops up in the form of these socks. Arrivederci!

We love the old-timey kitsch of these socks highlighting a number of attractions through the years with old map designs and graphics.

What pair strikes your fancy? Summer may be setting in, but no one likes sweaty ankles, and there’s nothing better than putting on a dry pair of socks after stepping in a few Magic Kingdom puddles after a summer storm.