REVIEW: New Mickey Mousse Dome Cupcake at Fountain View in Epcot

Who’s the leader of the club (that’s made for you and me)? Why, Mickey Mouse of course. And in honor of the Mouse himself, you can find a new cupcake at Fountain View in Epcot. Let’s see if it does the old boy justice.

“Mickey Cupcake” ($5.99)

You can find it in the cooler with the other goodies for $5.99.

This was the only description they had of the cupcake. Not too descriptive, but I love a good surprise.

This little morsel is a little bit different than your standard cupcake. It’s made up of a yellow cake, with buttercream icing and, for a little variety, a white chocolate mousse dome on top. The mousse is then decorated with dark chocolate ears and a belt, as well as two buttons. It’s a rather attractive cupcake. Not too outrageous, but well composed.

The layer of icing is garnished with little rock crystal style sprinkles. It adds an interesting texture.

Slicing into the cupcake reveals the layers on the mousse. The cake itself has no filling of any kind, but the dome is two layers; white chocolate mousse and a red glaçage. It’s very similar in style to the “Mickey Mousse” pastry you can find at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs, albeit with less complexity and a whole cupcake underneath.

The flavor of the cake is good. It’s just a yellow cupcake, so it’s simple. The icing is also pretty standard, so I can’t really complain. The mousse, however, was very sweet.

The problem here is that it’s mostly just a hunk of what is essentially just white chocolate pudding. White chocolate is good in moderation, but without anything to balance it out, this is just too much for me. I couldn’t finish the mousse.

Basically, if you really, really like white chocolate, this might be up your alley. If you’re looking for something even moderately subtle or complex, this isn’t for you. This cupcake, while pretty cute, earns a pass from me.

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