PHOTOS: Disney Skyliner Station at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – Construction Update 4/16/19

We’re back with another Skyliner update from Hourglass Lake in between Disney’s Art of Animation and Pop Century resorts. With the opening of the Skyliner still set for Fall, this once-quiet lake is sure to become a hub of activity once gondola operation goes full swing. Let’s take a walk around the lake and see what’s new with the Skyliner.

You can see the still-covered gondolas hanging over the line across the lake. The walls are blocking the station, but guests can still walk across the bridge that links both resorts.

Peering in through a few gaps in the fence reveals new signage, plus some gratuitous construction stuff lying around the site.

Contractors were seen testing the gondolas in the loading dock.

Over on the Art of Animation side, there are restrooms currently under construction, which is good, because the only other restrooms are in each resort’s main lobby and/or pool areas, none of which are necessarily close by.

That large swooping roof is the main station area where guests will enter to load onto the gondolas.

Over on the Pop Century side, you can get a better view of the inside of the station from this seating area/vantage point/smoking section.

While we were there, we were lucky enough to catch some gondola testing. Check it out in the video below!

Sauna jokes and all, we’re very excited to ride one of these in a (hopefully breezy) tour across Hourglass Lake once the Skyliner opens. If you’re staying at either of these resorts, or simply passing by, check out the Skyliner station and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of Skyliner testing, too!