REVIEW: Minnie Mouse Inspired Brownie at Jolly Holiday in Disneyland Park

There seems to be no shortage of new treats dropping on both coasts. We tend find they are hit or miss. Thankfully, this new Minnie-inspired brownie was delicious.

The Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe always has a wide array of offerings both sweet and savory. This brownie is now available for $4.99 (AP discount applicable!)

We love the simplicity of the design with nods to Minnie. Keeping this simple made it easy to eat.

The bow is white chocolate and the frosting is milk chocolate. The brownie has a thin hard coating of dark chocolate ganache.

There is a good ratio of frosting to brownie. The base itself was dense and rich, but not overly sugary. There were large chocolate chip chunks throughout, which gave it some texture. This is easily shared, but I could have honestly eaten the whole thing myself.

Be sure to grab a fork and knife! You’ll need to cut it up to make it manageable to eat.

Also love the wrapping, which looks like Minnie’s skirt.

The Cast Member did warn us when serving the brownie that it will slide around on the plate (which it did), so be sure to use both hands.

If you are a chocolate fan, be sure to grab this before it disappears.