PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 10/9/19 (Extra Extra Magic Hours, Batuu Exploration, New Hats, Return of the Red Kyber Crystals, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 10/9/19 (Extra Extra Magic Hours, Batuu Exploration, New Hats, Return of the Red Kyber Crystals, and More!)

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Bright suns… well, kind of! We started bright and early this morning at Hollywood Studios and we were lucky enough to have access to some Extra Extra Magic Hours! EEMH runs from 6:00am-9:00am for Disney Resort guests.

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Mickey’s of Hollywood looks really cool in the dark with all the neon fluorescent lighting!

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Tatooine Traders was empty as we passed by, just one lonely Cast Member with a lightsaber…

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Time to head into Batuu!

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Batuu is definitely a whole different experience in the dark, whether it be early morning or at night. Also when the land is pretty empty like it was on this morning, you can hear a lot of sounds that you wouldn’t be able to hear during the day around crowds.

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No one in the marketplace!

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No line or wait for Kat Saka’s Kettle, either!

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All these creatively-shaped creature cages over at the Creature Stall are neat to look at, some of them even have glowing eyes staring back at you!

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This detailed Ewok plush toy over at the Toydarian Toymaker looks an awful lot like our old friend Wicket from Return of the Jedi… note he is not for sale.

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Found everyone. They were all in line for Smugglers Run, of course!

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Over at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, we were formally introduced to Simpi, an infant Sarlaac who was gifted to Dok Ondar by Han Solo and Chewbacca. He had just been fed some fireflies, so his stomach area was glowing.

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Also at Dok-Ondar’s, we discovered that red kyber crystals were now back in stock after being sold out for a couple of weeks.

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As the sun started to rise, we headed out to Toy Story Land where we discovered Slinky Dog Dash was experiencing a delayed opening due to technical difficulties.

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Over at Keystone Clothiers, we noticed the space that some of the creatures from Batuu had previously occupied had now been overtaken with Triple Force Friday merchandise.

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Also at Keystone Clothiers, we found some interesting Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run inspired patches.

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Plenty of Skyliner merchandise was still available at Mickey’s of Hollywood!

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Although it’s been super hot still here in Florida, that hasn’t stopped Disney from putting out some new winter hats! $24.99 each is the cost on these.

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“Best Day Ever” this one reads in sequins. Poor color choice…

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Some of the new Star Wars Episode 9 Funko POP! figures made their way into Star Wars Launch Bay today.

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Here we go again, another long line for Joffrey’s. Maybe people are starting to get used to the idea of no Starbucks with the location over at Epcot currently closed.

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The brick and mortar seems to be complete on the front of the restroom expansion over near Star Tours.

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That about sums up another half day at Hollywood Studios! On our way out, we stopped to say hi to a squirrel!

Stay tuned to WDWNT for more photo report updates from the parks!

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  1. They’er all in line to make Hondo some Credits! Lol, Those Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run patches are awesome! I bought the set of 4 patches for my cosplay outfit (I’m going as a Scoundrel/Pilot) I’m also considering buying those two big patches as well. This is a bit of a side note, but I really wish they’d make more merch dedicated to Smugglers Run, the only merch I’ve seen thats truly related to Smugglers Run are the Sabacc cards and those patches everything else is just, Lightsabers, First Order merch, Jedi robes, Rise of the Resistance ride merch, and just Merch dedicated to the land overall. I know Smuggler’s Run is just a complementary ride and not at all ment to be the star attraction of the land but come on lets show old Hondo some more love.

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