PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/5/19 (High Crowds, Damaged Fountain, Ancient Oak Trees, and More!)


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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/5/19 (High Crowds, Damaged Fountain, Ancient Oak Trees, and More!)

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Good afternoon from the Magic Kingdom! We stopped by today to see what was happening around the park. Let’s take a look…

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Over in Tomorrowland, the line for the People Mover was extremely long, especially for this ride. Not a good sign for crowds…

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Here at the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant, which is used seasonally, some scrim walls have gone up and some construction has begun. We’re not sure at this time what the project is, but keep checking back for when we do find out!

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The foundation over behind Cinderella Castle was looking very clean. The water seemed like it had recently been treated and there was no money or other debris at the bottom!

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The fountain over at Gaston’s Tavern however, did not have the same story…

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There seems to be a leak in the lower front part of rock work. You can see here in the photo where some metal wire supports are exposed, causing water to pour out.

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Here was the FastPass line for the Haunted Mansion. It was extremely backed up, all the way out past Columbia Harbor House!

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Did you know that this tree in Liberty Square is actually two different species of oak trees? It was being transplanted over from another part of Disney property when it became damaged along the way. So, they actually cross-bred the dying tree with a similar species of oak tree so that it would continue to live. In addition to this large tree, there are 13 lanterns hanging from its branches representing the 13 original colonies.

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Over in Adventureland, we came across these new Disney VHS leggings at the Agrabah Bazaar. Read all about them here!

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The spitting camel seemed to be in working condition today!

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A little bit of a back-up over at Pirates of the Caribbean…

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Over at the Pirates exit shop, the Plaza Del Sol Caribe Bazaar, we found this new collectible coin machine! Read all the details here.

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This here was the insane crowd of people waiting for Splash Mountain, which was at a 120 minute wait!

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On the way out, we stopped in the Briar Patch store and we found this gem hanging on the wall, a vintage Disney book featuring a story about Brer Rabbit himself!

That about sums up another photo report from WDWNT! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates from within the parks!

8 thoughts on “PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/5/19 (High Crowds, Damaged Fountain, Ancient Oak Trees, and More!)”

  1. What do you think accounts for the sudden increase in crowds? I’ve heard from CM’S that this is the beginning of summer vacations in South Anetican Countries.

    • Also, some states or cities in the U.S. have fall breaks starting around now. Ours starts this Friday. October can get busy now at WDW.

    • It’s also the Halloween season. I know a lot of schools give off a week if not an entire month in October. We are actually here at magic kingdom today, my family and I. We came last week through tomorrow because of the free dining plan.

  2. The tree wasnt damaged in the move. Two holes were drilled to lift the tree with cables. When they tried to plug the holes with the origianl cores, it became “infected” and so the holes were drilled out, cleaned, and filled with concrete plugs. There was no cross-breeding to save a damaged tree. Funny how truth gets distorted over time.

    • Interesting. I do not know about whatever thing called “crossbreeding” … in an existing full size tree… Crossbreeding is genetic seed production…. What IS possible, is inoculating. Branches of xxA on stem of xxB … That takes MANY years to grow in adult form (as well). :-)

  3. Our Fall break in Colorado isn’t until November (Thanksgiving) & it’s only a week. No time off for Halloween. They do have a lot of foreign visitors.

  4. I was there on Sat. We did the extra magic hours and did pretty well. Went on 9 rides before lunch while using only 1 fast pass. It really was worth getting up early to get all those rides done before. Then went to EPCOT at 5 and it wasn’t that bad!

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