PHOTOS: Construction Walls Surrounding Innoventions West Receive Colorful New Futuristic Logo Design at Epcot

If Epcot’s going to be covered in walls, they might as well look nice, right?


Overnight, a bright new futuristic design was slapped onto the walls surrounding Innoventions West, which is destined for demolition ahead of the new plans for Epcot. Pay no mind to the heavy equipment in the back. Just look at these bright, clean walls!

The design doesn’t go all the way down to Mouse Gear. It mostly just faces the area by Pin Central.

The design features the Imagination logo, plus alternating stripes in neon green, pink, purple, and different shades of blue.

In the middle is the all-new Epcot logo that was first revealed during this year’s D23 Expo.

At first, we thought the design had actually been painted on, but it appears these are all different panels affixed to the existing walls.

We hope to see more of these go up along more sections of construction wall (there’s plenty of space to go around, anyway.) What do you think of the new walls?

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  1. This is every magicians go to move. Don’t look at this hand, look at this wall that we put up to take your attention away. Watch out the falling monorail parts as you take your wall selfie.

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