PHOTOS: Secondary Security Screening from Monorail to be Eliminated at EPCOT, Latest Progress on New Park Arrival Experience

In preparation for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, the resort is going through some much-needed improvements and all park entrances are undergoing extensive updates. EPCOT is going through its own re-imagining, and we’re all taking it one step at a time! Let’s check out the upgrades happening to the EPCOT tram loop¬†since our last trip.

The new tram loop section has received fresh pavement towards the end, connecting to the turn.

More newly paved area for walking and/or tram guests.

On the right of the EPCOT Monorail station walkway, we now have planters with a variety of foliage.

You can see the new, shorter lamp posts lining the outer edge of the path.

There is no foliage over on the left, but we can assume that will be put in place soon.

This section used to be the tram pick-up and drop-off area. Now newly paved, we assume this will be where tram and bus guests merge before going through the new checkpoint.

The new security checkpoint can be spotted under the monorail exit. This section is big enough to accommodate a large number of guests, coming from both the trams and the buses.

New fencing was installed throughout the perimeter of the new guest area. This is the same fence that will separate the monorail exit path from the rest of the bus and tram security areas, ensuring that guests who have already been screened before boarding a monorail do not have to go through screening twice, as it’s been for over a year now.

Keep up with all the latest construction updates here at WDWNT! See you real soon!