PHOTOS: Inventor’s Circle Discovery Tiles Receive New Paint at Future World West in Epcot

Originally built back in 1998, the Inventor’s Circle (also known as Discovery Tiles), located in the middle of Future World West, celebrates a number of milestone scientific achievements, like the creation of Antimatter. Other discoveries listed are fire, the cell, and human flight arranged in chronological order from the center of the circle.

Each day, thousands of people walk over the decorative concrete between Imagination!, The Land, and The Seas with Nemo and Friends. With that much foot traffic, it’s been looking worse for wear lately, so it recently received a new paint job as part of refreshments and refurbishments across Future World.

The circle is comprised of various spheres, and in the center there are quotes from celebrated inventors. The engraved text has been filled in with white paint, making it easier for guests to stop and take in this piece of history. Included among the inventors are Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, John Dewey, and Albert Szent-Gyorgi. The surrounding Discovery Tiles have also received white paint/grout around each circle, making them easier to spot.

Next time you’re headed over to The Land or off to visit the SeaBase, make sure you stop and take in these newly refreshed sidewalk sections. You can’t miss them now!