PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 10/10/19 (Nightmare Before Christmas Vans Apparel, Coco Parade, Crowds, and More!)

Halloween is in full swing at the parks. We also just had an explosion of fun rainbow Pride food and merchandise, and crowds seem to be packing in for it all. Most prevalent this year seems to be The Nightmare Before Christmas theme. We spotted some sweet new Vans apparel at Downtown Disney inside the Curl Surf shop, so let’s kick things off with that.

Nightmare Before Christmas Vans Merchandise

Who doesn’t want Oogie on their shirt?

Loving this Sally shirt (for only $72.95…)

How cute is the little Zero on the heel?

And this giant snake slithering down the interior on these?

They also have kids sizes.

Most of the shoes were in the $65-$75 range and the kids shoes were $45.95.

Disney California Adventure

We enjoyed a front0row seat of the Coco performers heading out while enjoying lunch.

The outside queue for Guardians is much more enjoyable with all the construction walls cleared.

Disneyland Park

We found some cute rainbow Mickey keychains, phone cases, and pens inside Disney Clothiers.

At the Emporium, we found a new addition to the Arendelle Aqua collection. This adorable hat is $24.99.

Droid building was popular today. Every station was continually full.

We decided to take the Monorail back to Downtown Disney (since our transportation actually works here on the West Coast…) We scored this awesome sunset view of the Matterhorn.

Bye, Disneyland! Thanks for taking a walk around the parks with us.

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7 months ago

I like the shot you took at Florida, but it loses its effect when the picture accompanying the joke is a picture of an attraction currently running at half-capacity because a big chunk of its iconic facade collapsed.

7 months ago

Those Nightmare shoes are pretty cute but I wonder if people save them or wear them every day.
Solid burn on the Skyliner.

7 months ago

“since our transportation actually works here on the West Coast…”
Shots fired! Shots fired!

7 months ago

Thanks for this photo report. How about doing a photo report on the current status of SW:GE crowds and atmosphere? It would be interesting and helpful to our vacation planning. Thanks.

7 months ago

I don’t blame ya for taking the monorail. When it’s actually working, it’s wise to take advantage of such a rare opportunity. During my last trip to the West Coast, the monorail was operating for exactly one day out of the five days I was visiting the Disneyland Resort, so I’m glad I rode it on my first day, because that turned out to be my only chance. Even that day, it wasn’t fully functional, as the air-conditioning was broken. Since I’m all about looking for the silver linings, I’ll say this: It did offer me a first-time experience, since… Read more »

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