PHOTOS: The Cove Hotel Parking Lot Nearly Completed, Opening Soon

The Swan and Dolphin will be adding a new hotel to its arsenal and construction has been underway on the project for a little bit of time now. The Cove Hotel, which will be located right across the street from the Swan, will officially open in 2021 with plenty of offerings from large meeting spaces to a craft cocktail lobby bar. The new hotel construction has started in earnest, but the new parking lot which will be adjacent to the hotel is nearly complete.

IMG 4389

The Cove will be an additional tower and will include over 300 rooms, but the main focus at the moment has been on the parking lot which sits right next to Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Course.

IMG 4395

IMG 4394

The new parking lot is mostly paved already. This new parking lot replaced portions of the old parking lot for Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course. The lot and the site of the hotel are visible from the miniature golf course.

IMG 4442

Preparations for a new left turn are well underway, with portions of road currently ripped up outside the construction site.

IMG 4445

IMG 4400

When entering the new temporary parking lot for Fantasia Gardens, a cast member will write down your license plate so security knows you are there to play golf and not hopping on over to the Swan, Dolphin, Epcot, or otherwise. Parking is timed with a two hour limit.

As seen in the construction photos, a majority of the visible work right now is for the brand-new parking lot which should open very soon.

The Cove, when open will be an exciting addition to the Swan and Dolphin resort.