PHOTOS: 10/13/19 Swan and Dolphin “The Cove” Hotel Construction Update


PHOTOS: 10/13/19 Swan and Dolphin “The Cove” Hotel Construction Update


PHOTOS: 10/13/19 Swan and Dolphin “The Cove” Hotel Construction Update

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The other day we decided to check in on the construction over near Swan and Dolphin on the new and upcoming Cove Hotel, which is located right behind the Fantasia Gardens miniature golf course. It’s been a few months since we last checked in on the construction site, so let’s see what progress has been made!

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The makeshift pathways through the construction walls to and from the Fantasia Gardens parking lot are quite the sight.

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Some concept art on the construction walls for what The Cove will look like.

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This is the view of the construction site from the mini-golf check-in area.

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As you can already see, this doesn’t look promising…

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Right now it appears that they are still pushing dirt around the site.

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Looks like some digging is taking place for plumbing installation. There were construction workers present on the site.

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A wider view of site, more dirt and some plumbing.

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This is the only other view we could get of other side of the site which closer to the World Drive ramp from Buena Vista Drive. Again, not much going on which is surprising seeing as its been three more months now since we last checked in!

That’s all we have for today as not much is visible due to all the construction walls, but stay tuned to WDWNT for any future updates regarding this project!

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  1. I’m sorry but that architecture is cold and ugly. They should have kept the theme with the original architecture by the legendary architect who designed the Swan and Dolphin hotel, Michael Graves.

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